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Storytellers, you can create Augmented Reality Experiences without having to write a line of code. Metaverse is a FREE Augmented Reality Platform that allows storytellers to create all kinds of “Interactive Experiences” — stories that come to life and allow ‘reader’ to choose their own adventures, dialogue w characters..

“Metaverse is a new medium, potentially the invention of a new genre of interactive storytelling… The opportunities that exist for storytellers large and small are staggering.” — Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney

Creating AR Experiences is easy, takes minutes, and anyone can do it.

Experiences are built in Metaverse Studio by arranging components on a “Storyboard” and linking them together. Hundreds of components can be combined to create almost anything.

Experiences are instantly viewable on iPhone, iPad, Androids, or Chromebooks using the free Metaverse App.

Ways that Storytellers are using Metaverse :

Embed AR Inside of paper books (or eBooks).

Make the pages of your book come alive by adding Interactive Experiences. Since every Metaverse Experience has it’s own QR code, authors are embedding AR Experiencs in pages of their books.

These Experiences enhance the story by providing opportunities for the reader to interact with characters. Experiences can provide additional narrative, offer gameplay, and even add social components that connect readers.

AR Storytelling

Tell new stories or reinvigorate existing ones by creating sophisticated, short or long-form, AR adventures. By linking various components together, authors can create “choose your own adventure” stories, that enthrall the user.

Stories can be created from a single Interactive Experience or multiple Experiences combined into a Group (like chapters in a book). Stories can be short, and last just a few moments, or can take place over a long period of time (days, weeks, months, years).

AR Blurbs

Entice potential readers with compelling, interactive “blurbs.” Experiences can ask for information (name, email etc.) that can be used for re-marketing, and even allow people to buy your book directly inside of the Experience by linking to Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

Augment Book Signings and Events

Authors Evan and Scott Gordon, authors of Tinker and the Fold, created a series of AR scavenger hunts for their book signings at Barnes and Noble.

Participants roamed shopping centers, interacting with AR characters from the book, and collected various digital items to build the Quantum Swamper .

Here are some ideas of the kinds of features you can add to your Interactive Stories:

Give digital “items” to users (key to a treasure chest, potions, weapons, etc.). Require these items in other experiences to proceed, unlock story paths, level-up, etc.

Get user to take photos of themselves, or even have them go on an adventure to find an object that they must take a photo of.

Require that a user must be at a specific geographic location in order to proceed through the story (Dan Brown Da Vinci Code — you must physically be at Sisteen Chapel to experience this.) Foma Labs, the creators of the popular, Sundance nominated film The Institute, created two Metaverse scavenger hunts in San Francisco.

Introduce “chance” to your stories, by utilizing simple “probability blocks”.

Ask users to engage with multiple choice options or open-answer (dialogue, answers, secret passwords, etc.)

Create competitiveness using Leaderboards.

Embed YouTube videos, or 360 degree VR videos. It is much easier than it sounds, and creates amazing experiences for your users.

Embed any web page (your own site, blog, Amazon, whatever)…

And much, much more…

Get Started in minutes

Watch the two videos below to start creating your own AR Experiences!

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