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Crypto Utility In MetaVersus

MetaVersus is a virtual world and economy which has an official currency in the form of cryptocurrency that users would be able to spend as they participate in different activities. Virtual worlds like MetaVersus and crypto go hand in hand and with the vision of having thousands of people who will engage within, the native token will enable seamless and fast micro-transactions whilst creating a combined economy driven by the users. MetaVersus will launch a new iteration of Web 3.0 which involves a virtual world that is more interactive, rewarding and immersive; a blend of augmented and virtual reality that has real-life value.

People enjoy spending money on things or on activities that they enjoy, and online shopping is an integral part of people’s lives in the physical world. It’s expected that these users would also spend money in the form of crypto in the virtual world. As MetaVersus grows in popularity, more and more people will spend more time in the virtual world — either working in virtual offices, playing games with friends, investing in virtual real estate or even taking Metaverse vacations. Users will attend social events or have their very own piece of digital land to host gatherings for their friends or start a company. Users of MetaVersus will require frictionless payment methods in order to spend digital currencies or perform activities.

How To Use Crypto In MetaVersus

  • To power economic activities within the Metaverse
  • To access in-game items by gamers and guilds
  • To purchase items from the NFT and Asset Marketplace
  • To boost earnings by staking the native MetaVersus token
  • To access premium parts of the worlds in the Metaverse and enjoy several rewards.

MetaVersus Economy Powered By Crypto

The MetaVersus token is the “currency” that users will use within the different worlds in the Metaverse and the thousands of persons forecasted to exist on MetaVersus will facilitate crypto utility which will significantly add value to the market capitalization of the Metaverse. Using crypto in the Metaverse will encourage more adoption within and outside the Metaverse. The token is a means of leverage for both the business owner and the daily consumer.

One of the primary benefits of the Metaverse is that; in comparison to the real world, is the ease to move across different worlds. If you want to go anywhere, you simply click a link or push a button, and your avatar is moved from one location to another. There is no requirement for you to pack our bags, use passports, or invest in expensive and time-consuming transportation infrastructure.

Traditional monetary transactions, which crypto enthusiasts refer to as “fiat” transactions require banks and regulators that serve as custodians, and intermediaries. On the other hand, in order to engage in transactions with cryptocurrencies, you simply need a crypto wallet. In the case of MetaVersus, you need a Solana-powered crypto wallet like the Phantom wallet. Owning a wallet in MetaVersus is vital because it makes it easy to send and withdraw funds from within the Metaverse or store NFTs, digital wearables, weapons, virtual decorations and so forth.


The blockchain brought many economic opportunities to people through GameFi — from play to earn, move to earn, breed to earn, wear to earn etc. One of the major utilities of crypto in MetaVersus is the in-game currency for games. MetaVersus will have a plethora of games, gaming guilds, tournaments and eSports. Gamers can earn from these games and sporting events and exchange the native token for real-world cryptocurrency.

Players are able to communicate with one another in real-time and they can spend the virtual currency while gaining real-world value. Some of these games require the purchase of in-game items in other to advance to different levels and the native token of MetaVersus will enable this too. Users can boost their game avatar performance or personalize their appearance in-game by purchasing different outfits and accessories. MetaVersus will provide several packages for gamers; from a basic package that is either free to use or inexpensive, but locks premium or add-on capabilities behind a paywall.

Access and Rewards

Additionally, just as you can use your leather wallet to carry your identification card and some cash, cryptocurrency wallets will be linked to identities in the real world. And you can also hold funds to spend. That is decentralized identity in the emerging Web 3.0. This will help facilitate transactions within the Metaverse. You won’t have to try to remember your login information for all of the virtual worlds that you visit because your ID will be linked to your wallet. All you have to do is simply connect your wallet, and you’ll automatically be logged in to whatever it is that you’re trying to access.

Crypto wallets that are associated with a user’s ID will also be helpful for managing access to sections of the Metaverse that have an age restriction. Your cryptocurrency wallet might also be linked to your contacts list, enabling you to transport your social network information from one virtual world to another. This would be possible if your contacts list was encrypted. “Would you like to come to the fashion week with me in the MAIN VIRTUAL CITY?” Users will also receive cryptocurrencies as token drops and airdrops to reward their consistency in the Metaverse.


Staking your crypto in MetaVersus creates an extra opportunity to boost your rewards passively. MetaVersus offers several reward pools and farms that users can leverage when they lock in their native token. Users will also get extra boosting that will enable them to do more when they pair the native tokens and NFTs to stake. To use and stake crypto in MetaVersus is simple: use your real-world currency, get the native utility token when it launches or at token generation events, move the token to your crypto wallet, and then connect your wallet to MetaVersus. Your wallet balance will be available for staking and other uses within the Metaverse.

Our next steps…

MetaVersus is building a complete functional digital economy with real-life value. This will create several valuable opportunities for eCommerce and social engagements. Imagine owning a pair of limited editions NIKE trainers and selling them later for a higher real-world value? Crypto utility in MetaVersus may possibly lead to mainstream adoption of the Metaverse and the blockchain because MetaVersus will ensure access to entry is increased and barriers of entry are removed.

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