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Factors That Will Drive Mainstream Metaverse/MetaVersus Adoption

The Metaverse presents a major overarching challenge: how to drive mainstream adoption.

A significant number of people believe that the Metaverse is only for gamers or investors in Web 3.0.
The term “Metaverse” emerged in the 1990s when the internet was still at an infant stage and the possibilities were unknown, but the Metaverse encompasses a lot more than was inferred at the time. With advancements in technology and the features implicitly associated with the Blockchain, it is safe to assume that the Metaverse offers endless untapped opportunities.

The question is; how do we get the mainstream audience, the average user of the internet, to adopt everything the Metaverse has to offer?

The quality of the user experience is essential for the mainstream adoption of the Metaverse. Daily, we blend our social interaction with emerging technologies, making the positive user experience a top priority for these emerging technologies. It’s not a surprise that user experience, or UX, has become a popular topic of discussion among those who specialise in virtual reality or extended reality. The Metaverse is constantly expanding the potential of digital immersion.

With this being said, “MetaVersus” is powered by users and built to meet the user experience of the age brackets it caters for, both millennials and Gen Z.
To achieve the vision of an immersive virtual reality that will onboard people from all walks of life, MetaVersus is bridging the gap between the users and the adoption. Smart devices are the gateway to Metaverse adoption, and with over 5 billion internet users, adoption will be faster than any other innovation.

Some factors that will drive mainstream adoption of the Metaverse include:


Gaming brought the Metaverse to the limelight. In order to access higher-level gameplay, players are currently stepping into the world of Metaverse. MetaVersus is set to help players understand how the Metaverse games function and to provide a visual representation of the Metaverse. The concept behind Metaverse games is known as “play to earn,” and it gives players the opportunity to acquire virtual gaming products — NFTs, and then use those items to make money in the real world.

Players are able to invite their friends from various social media platforms to join them in MetaVersus, connect with other players while they are in the Metaverse, and work together to have fun while playing games. Gamers are happy to invest in games and compete against one another. However, MetaVersus will provide many free-to-play games that will enable people to earn as they level up. Freebies encourage people to try out new features before they can invest their money.

Form of escapism from the physical world

Users of MetaVersus can live an engaging and fulfilling life more than in real life. It presents people with an opportunity to escape the mundane part of life.
MetaVersus is here to save us from the reality of the physical world. The Metaverse has become a lifeline and not just an option for people who are experiencing emotional or social challenges. It pacifies the desire to escape from depressing situations that pop up occasionally. Watching the movie “Ready Player One” creates a mental picture of this. Data has shown many young people becoming millionaires from NFTs and other digital assets. If opportunities like this are present in MetaVersus, many young people and even millennials will seize the opportunities to escape to a more rewarding virtual world more preferable than the physical world. Avatars give people the opportunity to recreate themselves into the personality and appearance that they want, a form of self-expression not found in the physical world.

Brand and marketing opportunities

Methods of digital marketing are evolving as brands and business owners transition from users to players in the emergence of the Metaverse era. The Metaverse could transform UX design like never before, from content design and 3D tools to new communication interfaces that foster immersion and new experiences. The Metaverse has the potential to be a game-changer for astute marketers in terms of expanding their online presence and increasing the amount of money they make. The advertising potential of the Metaverse is practically limitless as the virtual world continues to find applications in an increasing number of fields across the world including branding and marketing. Fans follow their favourite brands wherever they go and it is safe to note that fans will follow their brands into the Metaverse.

Brands in the gaming and entertainment industries, as well as several fashion labels, are setting the way for companies looking to enter the Metaverse. Meanwhile, since December 2021, Google has invested about $40 million in a private equity fund for all Metaverse initiatives, while Walmart has submitted dozens of Metaverse trademark requests. Major corporations such as Nike, Meta, and Disney are forming their own Metaverse divisions. These popular brands are known to cater for millions of fan bases and communities with their products and services. This positions the Metaverse for major adoption.

MetaVersus is set to create a bustling world with compelling features for brands and businesses packed with opportunities to leverage. There are a variety of compelling reasons in MetaVersus to help convert customers or clients into brand fans and valuable customers. JP Morgan predicted that Live events, advertisements, and social commerce are expected to generate over $1 trillion in global metaverse revenue. MetaVersus provides a crucial world for connecting with customers, gaining useful insights, and expanding your brand. Fans go where their favourite brands are and MetaVersus presents just the right virtual world to make adoption possible.


Exploring the Metaverse consists of not just entering or even creating your own virtual reality, but also sharing it with others in real-time. Those who join another instance or world as an avatar aren’t just playing a game on a computer; they’re communicating with others in the same virtual space. The Metaverse creates multiple opportunities for real-time gaming with multiple people from all around the world. Beyond that, it allows for a wide range of social interactions and events which allows the Metaverse to function as a meeting place and a marketplace without borders. There are billions of active social media users who would be willing to adopt new ways of socializing in real-time.

MetaVersus made it so much easier to meet new people, keep in touch with old friends, and forge strong connections across the virtual worlds. It presents a massive opportunity for anyone who may have a disability or who may not feel they can connect with others within their physical community to connect with other individuals who share their beliefs and interests unhindered. Young individuals who are passionate about a certain cause and want to make an impact in the real world can start from MetaVersus in spreading awareness about that cause.


One of the major barriers to mainstream adoption of the Metaverse is the complex tech. Many people are still coming to terms with blockchain technology and they find it difficult to navigate the Metaverse. Internet users these days have a short attention span and easily shy away from any platform or tech that looks difficult. MetaVersus is all about keeping it simple and has removed every barrier of entry that will limit the average user from accessing the possibilities and experiences in the virtual world. MetaVersus will not limit access to an entry by requiring tokens, NFTs, wallets etc but will offer a simple onboarding user experience that will gradually take the user from a beginner level to the pro level. Other simplified processes include comfortable tech with a simple user interface that allows them to share their experience with each other.

Adoption of the Metaverse is closer than 2045 that was implied in the Movie “Ready Player One”. The question is, are you ready to be a part of a world with endless opportunities like MetaVersus?

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