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Fashion In The Metaverse — MetaVersus

MetaVersus will lead the next massive fashion trend in the Metaverse as there will be an ever-growing range of skins and fashion styles for your custom-built avatar, all of which will be unique NFTs.

Fashion is a $2.5 Trillion global industry with everyone partaking one way or another within their financial capacity. MetaVersus understands how important representation is which is why there will be over 10,000 custom avatar combinations to choose from. Imagine being able to socialize and participate in games, whilst using a realistic avatar that reflects your unique characteristics, creating a truly digital you.

The NFT boom is just getting started and for the first time since the Renaissance era, art and fashion can be expressed and adopted virtually without physical proof. NFTs have evolved into fashion with many headlines making waves across the globe. Interestingly, NFTs created a paradigm shift which has grown beyond gaming and opened the world up to the diverse possibilities that they have to offer. Equipping avatars with different types of clothing was part of many simulation games in the past and even in the present. However, the Metaverse has changed everything about avatars with the inception of NFTs.

The Rising NFT Fashion Trend in the Metaverse

Top fashion brands are taking a deep dive into the Metaverse through the fashion NFTs. NIKE acquired RTFKT as part of its expansion plans into the Metaverse and sold over 20 ETH worth of virtual sneakers on Opensea. The partnership also led to sales of $3.1 million worth of FEWO collection. The collection made up of 620 pairs of virtual sneakers were created by the teenage artist FEWOcious. Benoit Pagotto, Senior director and brand partnerships of NIKE’s design studio RTFKT believes that the “CyberSneakers on the Metaverse” are part of the bigger picture.

Fashion in the Metaverse has the potential to become a household trend, especially with the kind of universe that MetaVersus is building. The Metaverse is currently blurring the gap between the physical and the virtual world, with Blockchain technology adding a unique value of ownership to the NFTs that exist on the technology.

Gucci, the legendary Italian fashion brand was among the first to participate in NFT auctions. NFTs were also introduced into the famed 2022 men’s fall/summer fashion week. At the fashion week, fashion NFTs created by French Fashion, Haute Couture and Arianee gave people the opportunity to view complete fashion collections virtually.

At the Venice Fashion Week, D&G also unveiled a nine-piece collection that was auctioned for $5.56 million. In addition to the NFT, those who bought the D&G event pass received physical copies of the objects as well as the NFT. Fashion behemoths Prada, Richemont, and LVMH are already using blockchain solutions as part of their business strategy and NFTs could be their next venture. Tommy Hilfiger and Elie Saab also showcased their virtual fashion collections over a 4-day period during the fashion week.

Role of Fashion NFTs in the Metaverse

NFTs are calibrating aesthetic values and forms of self-expression within the fashion industry. Fashion shapes business, identity and culture. MetaVersus is creating a hyper-realistic Metaverse where users have limitless options to recreate and express their real self without any inhibitions. Top fashion brands are definitely not passing over the business opportunities inherent in the Metaverse.

Self-expression: Fashion is a form of self-expression that reveals class, preferences and the simple basic need to show emotions. Users and owners of these NFTs within MetaVersus will be able to choose from a wide range of avatars, skin tones and digital wearables to customise and reflect their personalities. Fashion NFTs satisfy and blend with the intrinsic joy of getting dressed up. There is a side of everyone that likes to wear a new wardrobe addition and MetaVersus is built to cater for everyone’s choice.

Identity: Fashion helps people in a huge way to express their identity. These fashion NFTs will play a major role as many people begin to spend more time in worlds like MetaVersus. Avatars represent users in the Metaverse and it is only natural for these users to create their identity of choice by choosing from a wide range of available skins or NFTs. These fashion NFTs meet an innate desire in people to identify and create who they want to be known for, irrespective of who they are in the physical world. MetaVersus is a canvas for creativity, where anyone and everyone can create the person they want to be and look like who they want to be.

Fashion NFTs are Just Getting Started

Fashion NFTs could be the game-changer that will lead to the mass adoption of NFTs, especially with the rate the fashion industry brands are taking a deep foray into it. Luxury fashion brands are leveraging the business opportunity to reach new customers and achieve product growth.

Different platforms will take a huge bet on fashion NFTs by investing in them. For instance, the NFT platform UNXD plans to launch a $10 million “Culture Fund” aimed at expanding the fashion industry’s usage of NFT technology. MetaVersus leverages the blockchain to provide you immutable limited editions of fashion pieces that are uniquely yours. Imagine owning a fashion NFT from your favourite fashion brand? But then, how do you buy virtual fashion? The fashion NFTs will be displayed in The MetaVersus NFT and Asset Marketplace, powered by Solana.

What will it be for you? Fashion NFTs that can show off your unique culture and identity? NFTs that can show off your taste and style in popular fashion brands? Or NFTs that can reflect the different personalities that you embody? At MetaVersus, the power is in your hands to create an avatar that expresses yourself in the freest ways you can ever imagine. Fashion NFTs are inevitable and the boom is just getting started. By 2025, the Metaverse would have evolved into a bigger reality than it is right now. Get started with MetaVersus today.

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