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The Metaverse holds the future of immersive online gaming because it launches people into a whole new world of rewarding gaming experiences. MetaVersus is currently building the online-first, immersive Metaverse where everyone including gamers will actively play regular games like Fortnite, and CoD (Call of Duty), earn rewards, socialize and interact with friends, brands and influencers. The persistent virtual world is built to enable micro-transactions and payments that have real-world value. MetaVersus represents the greater heights the Metaverse is attaining each passing day. It has reached the point where mainstream adoption is inevitable because of its direct association with online gaming.

The Metaverse is the next big thing that will change the face of the digital world after the inception of the internet. Metaverse enhances and integrates with new technologies like blockchain, the Internet of Things, and 3D visualization by producing an immersive visual experience for users. The gaming industry was one of the first industries to fully gain entrance into Metaverse, followed by every other business and industry adopting and leveraging it today to gain a fair share of the global audience. Players who have previously shown an interest in other types of online games, such as multiplayer games, are switching their attention to the Metaverse.

The Fusion of Online Gaming and the Metaverse

Persistent Gaming

Gamers are drawn to the Metaverse mostly because of the fact that it is persistent and this is one feature that you can find in MetaVersus. Being persistent means that players are not required to turn off or exit the gaming platform in the Metaverse. Their game within the Metaverse continues to function even after they have finished their game session on it. In addition to this, the Metaverse generates interest among gamers by offering a digital area or virtual land in which real-world environments can be digitally replicated. A bustling virtual world that never sleeps.

Realistic Virtual Experiences

MetaVersus presents gamers with an immersive gameplay experience that is extremely similar to that of the real world. Gamers can engage in conversation with other players, trade virtual items within the game, and even experience a sense of touch with the use of haptic gloves and jackets. Take note that in-game items in MetaVersus games have actual real-world value outside of the games. This indicates that players have the ability to make money in the real world by selling their virtual in-game assets within the Metaverse. These in-game assets exist as NFTs and can be bought and sold within NFT marketplaces like the Solana-powered one within MetaVersus.

Factors that will Influence the Fusion between Games and the Metaverse


Blockchain created economic possibilities for gamers through the concept of play-to-earn. Players are able to gain virtual gaming assets in Metaverse games, and then sell those items for real-world money.

NFTs ensure the digital scarcity of these in-game items. The perceived value and rarity of the NFT items determine the market value of the in-game assets.

The concept of blockchain gaming appeals to players of online video games because they can access multiple opportunities to earn money in real life by selling digital assets they acquired while playing games. As gaming companies invest in Metaverse games or integrate existing online games in the Metaverse, more gamers would be able to generate an income passively or actively.


People living in the real world are able to travel to different locations around the globe and transport their material possessions from one location to another without encountering any difficulties. For online gamers, they have to close one game to play another game and they cannot use one game asset in another game. This is where blockchain interoperability comes in. As blockchain technology advances, gamers in MetaVersus will be able to leverage the interoperability and continuity of the Metaverse, to transport their avatars and digital assets from one blockchain to the other.

Online gamers will prefer MetaVersus games because of the ability to access a variety of interconnected virtual worlds with several games at their disposal to play. Interoperability makes the persistence and immersive nature of the Metaverse a reality. With the interoperability feature of the Metaverse, users do not need multiple wallets to perform transactions across various Metaverse worlds.

Immersive Social Experiences

As part of the Metaverse, online games will become more immersive than is, they will become more social, and more interactive. The internet of things (IoT) technology makes it possible for the Metaverse to collect, obtain, and make use of data from the real world to shape immersive social experiences for gamers. It does this by establishing a connection between the real-world devices and the virtual world of Metaverse. This makes it possible for things in the Metaverse to adapt their behaviour in response to changes in the physical environment, such as temperature or humidity.

Genres of Online Games that can exist in the Metaverse

  • Sandbox games: example — Minecraft, Grand Theft, The Sims
  • Real-time strategy: for example Warcraft, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer
  • First-person and third-person Shooter games: most battle royale games fall into this category like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Gears of war.
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA): DOTA 2, League of Legends
  • Role-playing games: The Witcher 3, Fallout
  • Simulation: Forza Motorsport
  • eSports: Madden NFL
  • Puzzles: The Talos principle
  • Action-adventure: Assassin’s Creed
  • Survival and horror: Resident Evil

Gamers will have access to several genres of games to play in the Metaverse, especially with MetaVersus which has zero barriers to entry.

Online Game Brands and Companies venturing into the Metaverse

Game developers and companies are making impactful headway into the Metaverse and have invested millions of dollars in gaming with the sole aim of gaining a fair share of the Metaverse as it gradually unfolds.

Some gaming companies that are leading the Metaverse dominance include:

  • Microsoft has invested in Mesh for Teams, a virtual avatar that will serve as identities to be used to access the Metaverse.
  • Epic Games; the developer of the popular VR game Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal; is building a Metaverse world for social gaming experiences.
  • Roblox; an American game developer is focused on building a Metaverse where people can build homes, socialize and experience varied kinds of adventures.
  • Tencent is building a virtual world for social networking, search marketing, collaboration and gaming.
  • Magic Leap, creator of virtual reality wearables is building a system called Magicverse that will connect the real world to the virtual world. People would be able to access different virtual environments, countries, and cities.
  • Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is creating a virtual world called Horizon Workrooms that will transform mundane living styles into fun, rich and rewarding workrooms and virtual offices.

What is next for Online Gaming and Metaverse

As Web 3.0 advances and becomes more mainstream, gaming and the Metaverse will become inseparable as more gamers identify more rewarding opportunities in the Metaverse. Gamers will exist as avatars in the Metaverse, which are the players’ digital representations. They will control the characters that they play in Metaverse games and have a persistent existence. These characters/avatars live their lives in the Metaverse in the same manner that individuals do in our world. Gamers can personalize their experiences in the Metaverse, creating a more engaging experience for themselves.

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