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MetaVersus is a Solana-powered hyper-realistic virtual world that presents the user with diverse ways to earn through Blockchain economies. Users can build a virtual world of their choice or join existing worlds. In MetaVersus, you can do several things from music events to fashion shows, games (single or multiplayer), concerts, and live shows, all whilst connecting with friends. It is a whole new world that ensures you have an absolutely rewarding experience. Land ownership and sales have become one of the most consistent ways of earning from the Metaverse. People can socialize, play games, sell NFTs, attend meetings, go to virtual concerts, and engage in a variety of other virtual activities in these virtual lands.

MetaVersus is a virtual space and this presents users of the virtual world with different opportunities to own properties in the virtual world with real-world value. Virtual real estates are parcels of land that exist as NFTs and you can access them via the MetaVersus NFT and assets marketplace. MetaVersus is set to accommodate thousands of people participating in different activities and this will impact the value of the real estate in the long term. Predictions show that real estate in the Metaverse will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.2% from 2022 to 2028.

Brands and sole business owners can utilize the myriads of opportunities in MetaVersus to earn. For instance, they can market services, organize virtual product debuts, and deliver unique customer experiences to customers. These pieces of digitized property represent a profitable investment opportunity for real estate investors. Real-world properties can be developed, flipped, or leased in the Metaverse, just as they can in the real world.

Earning and Access with the Ecosystem Token

The MetaVersus token is the ecosystem token that will serve as the currency of exchange within the virtual world. It is a Solana-based token for multiple utilities. All transactions from land sales, gaining entrance into the digital space or events, peer to peer sales are powered by the ecosystem token. The token will have varied use cases, hence owning more tokens gives you access to invaluable sections and areas of MetaVersus. The ecosystem token will be able to grant players premium access to in-game tournaments, places, and other features that are otherwise unavailable. Native token holders will get premium access to Alpha and Beta launches, membership areas, partners sales, NFT sales and much more. The earning system in MetaVersus solves a lot of barrier-to-entry challenges many are facing currently in the GameFi ecosystem.

Play and Earn

The concept of Play and Earn has introduced billions of dollars into the gaming industry, empowering gamers with the intrinsic economic opportunities available on the blockchain. The gaming industry has transitioned into an industry worth billions of dollars and the concept of GameFi transformed it into an inclusive industry that creates different kinds of income opportunities for players and gaming companies. NFTs make play and earn possible and they would be available at the MetaVersus NFT & Asset Marketplace. Players will earn the MetaVersus in-game tokens, NFTs or other digital assets just by participating and playing video games, then be able to convert their earnings to real-world money.

Within MetaVersus, players can design and upgrade weapons and armour with the MetaVersus token. Players will also be able to combine numerous in-game creatures with the purpose of generating a new creature that has qualities that are uncommon in the game world. By participating in the game and accomplishing missions or specific objectives within MetaVersus, millions of players globally can maximize limitless earning opportunities available. Top 50 participants in the weekly play and earn activities in MetaVersus, who made it to the leaderboards will receive payouts. Active gamers in MetaVersus will have events to look forward to and earn from too.

Collectibles, Rewards and Staking

Native MetaVersus token holders would be able to earn passive income from their token holdings by staking them into APY boosting pools available in MetaVersus. In addition, native users who pair the ecosystem tokens and NFTs will receive extra boosts for their activities within MetaVersus. The MetaVersus ecosystem empowers the users to profit even more from the GameFi ecosystem as a result of their participation.

MetaVersus is community-centric, hence participants in ecosystem activities and users of the platforms will have different opportunities to receive token drops, airdrops, loot boxes and so forth. Find a token bundle is a quest created to engage and reward active users. The ecosystem token enables ecosystem users to also buy collectibles like skins for their avatars, animations and in-world boosts and power-ups.

Guild Gaming

MetaVersus provides bountiful opportunities for Gaming guilds to engage and enable their active players and communities to participate in play and earn games without having to invest any money up front.

These guilds would be able to lend their NFTs and in-game assets to the players to play. Guild gaming communities connect people who wish to make money playing games with NFTs but have limited funds to invest in NFTs. Guilds will also be able to create and customize their own world within MetaVersus, self-host games and tournaments, where their players can earn tokens, NFTs, prizes and so much more. These worlds can either be temporary or permanent.

Brand advertising in MetaVersus

MetaVersus provides brands with advertising opportunities which will strategically connect with customers and assure the long-term success of the brand. Brands that will leverage MetaVersus will have every feature available to them to ensure that their commercials are relevant, contextualized, and reward-based. Brands will be expected to give genuine value and to blend effortlessly into MetaVersus in which they operate. Advertising in MetaVersus presents earning opportunities for the brands and their clients. Client privacy is respected from the beginning. Brands have ownership and the potential to monetise their work and their virtual world within MetaVersus.


The ecosystem token is deflationary and this will boost the long term value of the native token. This deflationary economic token model will also power the growth of MetaVersus. Tokens that grow in value alongside the ecosystem have a ripple effect on the users. MetaVersus has set a system in place that ensures that the ecosystem token remains deflationary for a very long time. For instance, token burns which will be dependent on community votes and purchases from the NFT marketplace will ensure that token supply decreases as much as demand increases.

At MetaVersus, anyone can do what they love doing or wish to do in the physical world and enjoy a full, rewarding experience. They will be able to blend the physical and the virtual, with more benefits from the latter. Active users can do what they love for a living. Individuals across the globe especially developing countries will have different opportunities to earn even without an initial investment in NFTs or token. MetaVersus, powered by cutting edge technologies, has a long-term vision and caters everyone from different walks of life.

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