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MetaVersus: An open ecosystem for everyone

At MetaVersus, we are in the process of building a more realistic virtual economy where creators, musician, gamers and explorers are rewarded.

In a world of play to earn games, we are building a true Metaverse; a universe of inter-connected virtual worlds where users can jump from one layer to another using portals and access cards for gamification and more.

MetaVersus vision is to bring a combined viritual economy driven and powered by the users where each person not only has the ability to join any existing world but to craft their own view or virtual world and connect it to the wider ecosystem. This will be a long process of development as we aim to eventually bring a user generated content platform in 2023 for users to create games and experiences.

Ultimately, we envision MetaVersus to have thousands of monthly active users competing, connecting, engaging and having fun with one another in various interactive worlds and games whilst at the same time interacting with brands, influencers, and users all benefiting from the utility of the MetaVersus and the microtransactions that are embedded within.

We see MetaVersus, once mature, as being a thriving endless universe full of very diverse highly populated bustling worlds, day and night, packed with activity and opportunity for discovery, entertainment, competition, rewards, earning and trade.

As a citizen of MetaVersus, you can lead a rich, rewarding virtual life that is perhaps in some senses and situations, more fulfilling and engaging than real life. Unlike virtual worlds of the past, Metaversus offers users the ability to merge the lines between what’s virtual and what’s real by receiving distinct value and utility from being a participating citizen of the MetaVersus society.

We are busy building a new virtual ecosystem and we are excited to bring you on the journey.

Follow us for updates and to be one of the first to enter MetaVersus.

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A virtual economy for gamers, creators, musicians and explorers