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Open World Gaming In MetaVersus

Ever wondered what playing games for a full day in the Metaverse looks like, especially if you have not had “The MetaVersus World” experience?

Games in the Metaverse are more than just “play to earn”, it involves having an immersive experience where you can play your everyday games in a virtual world with your friends from anywhere in the world. This virtual world “the Metaverse” is built to represent similar real-world experiences with more fun. The Metaverse promises to blend and merge both the physical and the virtual world. The internet is evolving into decentralization which is popularly known as Web 3.0 and this could mean so many things to the metaverse. Have you watched the movies Ready Player One or The Matrix? These are movies that come to mind when you think of the Metaverse.

Games and the Metaverse

For many years the video game industry has been developing games around the Metaverse and right now it has grown beyond just the video gaming industry. The “Metaverse” has become a term that is finding expression in the tech, business and finance world. “Big gaming brands” are exploring all the possibilities of the merge between games and the Metaverse.

Ubisoft, Sky Mavis, Tencent, NetEase, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Animoca Brands are major gaming companies that have deep-dived into GameFi and by extension are betting big on the Metaverse. Epic games and the LEGO group signed a long term partnership to build a Metaverse that is safe and conducive for children. A new wave of money is flowing from the gaming industry into the Metaverse. After the big $70 billion bet on gaming and the Metaverse by purchasing Activision Blizzard, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “in gaming, we see the Metaverse as a collection of communities and individual identities anchored in strong content franchises, accessible on every device.”

The Metaverse is powered by the Blockchain which brings an inclusive financial economy through NFT games. NFT offers true digital ownership which has all the intrinsic capabilities of the blockchain. Games in the metaverse are a blend of fun and real-world financial benefits. In-game items in the form of NFTs can be converted to real-world currency via the NFT marketplace. The union between games and the Metaverse was a long time coming and started in creative stories written many years ago by Orson Scott Card and Neal Stephenson. “1992 novel Snow Crash” is one of the fiction stories showing computer-generated spaces where characters spent most of their days. The Metaverse has moved from fictional stories in comics and movies to an actual world with social experiences, adventures and money-making ventures.

“You’ve got your goggles on, 10 years from now, but they’re just a pair of sunglasses that happens to have the ability to bring you into the Metaverse experience,” John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, maker of a video game engine shared with TIMES.

In the Metaverse, people will exist as avatars, the digital version of their real selves and they can play different games both for fun and be able to leverage the GameFi economy to earn a living. The gaming and Metaverse industry is projected to hit a valuation of over $200 billion dollars this 2022. Long before the Metaverse gained this much popularity, games like Minecraft and Roblox were already presenting what games in the Metaverse could be like.

What you need to play games in the Metaverse

To play games in the metaverse you need:

  • A Blockchain wallet: Web 3.0 will enhance the use of wallets (decentralized identities) to access metaverses and NFT games. These wallets will enable the transfer and storage of digital currencies used to purchase in-game items or profits made from the sale of NFTs at the marketplace.
  • A VR headset: one of the ways to experience the immersive nature of the games in the metaverse is through a virtual reality headset. There are several fun games in the metaverse you can play without the VR headset. Simply go with what works for you.
  • Smartphone or PC: Games in the Metaverse are built to be compatible with PCs. Some of them are made more user friendly and made available on android and iOS smartphones and tablets. To play these games, you need a strong internet connection on these devices.

NFT and Games in the Metaverse

NFTs play a very active role in the Metaverse. For example, MetaVersus creates multiple opportunities for businesses, gamers and creators and these economic opportunities are made possible through NFTs. NFTs gained more visibility due to digital ownerships of avatars and in-game items that can be utilized whilst playing, as well as having real world value. NFTs is the short form for Non-Fungible tokens which confers 100% authenticity to ownership verification on the blockchain. These NFTs play an important role in the metaverse because it makes everything owned in the virtual world of the metaverse real in the physical world.

Users can own land, houses, game items, clothes, cars etc in the metaverse and would be able to offer them for sale to get real-world cash due to them existing in the metaverse as NFTs. The immutability of the Blockchain ensures that everything that registers on the blockchain is unchangeable, and creates a trustless economy with decentralized control.

Before the blockchain emerged and NFTs hit the headlines, gamers spent funds on in-game items they needed to advance in games. However, they don’t own these in-game items in reality and they can be lost if the game is lost or stops existing. Now, the concept of GameFi makes it possible that gamers can own the in-game items and also sell them for real-world money. Games are an intrinsic part of the Metaverse and NFTs are needed to play these games. Therefore, the Metaverse like MetaVersus creates a world where people can own digital items (NFTs) that can appreciate in real-world value. Players can choose to sell their in-game items (NFTs) at the NFT marketplace or decide to hold them since they are assets. Square Enix, Ubisoft, Konami, Epic, Capcom, and EA are big game publishers that are exploring NFTs role in gaming and this will boost the Metaverse in years to come.

MetaVersus World — The Gate to the Metaverse Economy

The MetaVersus Gateway

MetaVersus world presents users with a world of multiple opportunities that they can immerse themselves in and maximize fully to enjoy the benefits of GameFi.

Powered by the Solana Blockchain, MetaVersus offers users a cloud powered persistent multiverse of virtual worlds where gamers, game publishers and creators, businesses and game explorers can build their own virtual world. These virtual worlds would be able to connect and engage with each other with endless activities 24/7, 24 hours a day. Games and activities in the MetaVersus world will be super interactive, hyper-realistic and immersive. With Web 3.0 which is the decentralized internet gaining traction too, digital identities, DAOs, NFTs will be at the heart of this virtual gaming economy.

Compared to the previous gaming experiences in the Metaverse, the MetaVersus world will offer a “rich rewarding virtual life that is more engaging and fulfilling than the real-life”. There is a social world to come that is going through birth pangs and full maturity will open us up to more vibrant life.

Why does the Metaverse matter?

The Metaverse presents an extension of the world we live in where possibilities can be created, built, transformed and life can lead to a whole new meaning. The Metaverse could provide a whole new level of economic value through games. Time will reveal what the metaverse has in store.

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