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Stoner Cats NFT

— One TOKEn, Many uses

1. A Stoner Cats NFT is your token to participating in Stoner Cat Show activities. You get to watch the show and collaborate with the creators in the creation process. Owning the NFT is also the only way to get opportunities to be in the show either as a voice over actor or with your artwork. You get meetings with the creative teams and see the show being made in real time. These meeting are very personal and the connection between creators and fans is unique. You can vote using your NFT to express your opinion on specific questions from the creators. The voting system is designed to convey your opinion and feedback in a more useful way to the creators. There is also a range of private chat rooms to collaborate on ideas and chat with the creators themselves.

2. A Stoner Cats NFT means you get to participate in DAO activities.
A DAO is an organisation that does not rely on a central authority to enforce the rules. Instead contracts that dictate the rules are coded on computers that are not controlled by any central authority. This makes the contracts transparent, verifiable, less ambiguous, safer from hacking, and harder (or impossible) to change. The DAO members (NFT owners) make rules about how the organisation will work. Then they program the rules on the block-chain (where they cannot be easily changed). This means people have to follow the rules when they interact with the organisation. If a large number of people agree (51% or greater usually) then some of the rules are can be changed. In the same way a single person or entity does not control the finances. New proposals for rules and procedures are also transparently displayed and available for DAO members to vote.
Your NFT is your token to vote in DAO proposals. This will choose the actions and directions of the DAO. You also get to submit suggestions and proposals for the DAO. The DAOs objectives are to curate members proposals and opinions to choose shows(ideas) and to fund, create, produce, distribute and market those shows with the goal of making the creative process easier and more beneficial for creators and fans. Join the DAO Discord

​​​3. A Stoner Cats NFT means you are a part of the Big Head Club. Membership in Big Head Club is earned by owning an NFT from any project they release. Each drop is unique, but they cross-pollinate projects and their communities, offering all kinds of unique value to members. As BHC members Stoner Cats have received pre-sale access to BHC NFT drops. BHC Discord is where the Stoner Cats NFT was launched from and BHC has supported communication for members for the SC Show and supported the development of the DAO. BHC has donated 10 Oni Ronin NFTs to the DAO and pledged further support.

How to actually use your NFT
You sign into the website to watch the Stoner Cats show using your NFT. This is because Stoner Cats is distributed on web3. Your NFT can be used the same way on other websites to gain access to exclusive content. This makes your NFT very important. Stoner Cats nor the DAO can access or help you recover your NFT if lost. Never share your seed phrase or password with anyone.

Big Head Discord is a main application/website you can connect with your NFT. This will allow you into a private Stoner Cat area where you can get official announcements, information, help, support and official links. The community calls happen on discord and there are chat rooms (called channels) with different channels for the various topics. There are channels for suggestions to improve the project overall and channels to communicate with the creators with questions or suggestions about the show.

There is a DAO Discord with information about the progress and current actions of the DAO. Discussions that lead to actions and discussion on current actions help to shape the direction of the DAO. You will also find ways to participate in the DAO. More information of the DAO

Influence.Vote is another main (decentralized) application/website you can connect to for voting with your NFT. After voting you also get to re-enforce your opinion with a short statement, if you wish. The voting system and the curation of these opinions are done by members like you that own a Stoner Cat NFT and love the show. Having the curation managed by fans of the show interested in decentralized production (the DAO) improves the outcomes. The motivation that brought them here is the success of the show.

You can use the artwork on your Stoner Cat NFT as your personal profile picture but you do not own the Intellectual Property.

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I’m a big Stoner Cats fan because it’s funny, interactive, behind the scenes in real time, has a great community, a dao but most of all compassionate characters