Product Announcement: The adChain Index

By the MetaX Team

The adChain dev team has been focusing on developing tools to empower the digital advertising industry and enhance the adChain Publisher Registry. To bridge the gap between the Ethereum-based ecosystem and advertising industry, we are building Web 2.0-based tools that reference our Web 3.0-based dapp. Going forth, we will develop user-friendly Web 2.0 tools for current personnel in the digital advertising industry such as media buyers and ad ops professionals.

To increase visibility and usage of the adChain Publisher Registry by the digital advertising industry, we are removing “blockchain” noise. Therefore, we are creating a suite of tools that focus less on Web 3.0 components and more on user experience and the potential to scale.

We are proud to present the first adChain tool for the digital advertising industry: The adChain Index.

While referencing the adChain Publisher Registry, the adChain Index empowers media buyers to construct a list of adChain-certified domains by filtering which categories they wish to serve on.

adChain Index “tool” for the adChain Publisher Registry

For example, if a media buyer has a sports-based ad campaign to run, they would visit (also accessible on the registry under the “TOOLS” section) and click on the “Sports” category. Instantly, the Registry filters to display only the domains in the “Sports” category and these categorized lists of domains are readily available for a CSV download. As the adChain Publisher Registry continues to grow through constant curation, so will the value of the registry.

Our team is dedicated simplifying adoption of the adChain Registry, and we appreciate the community’s continued support.