v1.03 Release Notes

adChain Audits

May 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Blockchain Records

Blockchain Records is a feature within adChain Audits where campaign and/or site impression data points are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This data is zipped, hashed, and submitted daily to a smart contract in which it is timestamped on the immutable ledger and allows for anybody to verify that the data they have has been previously timestamped. Because participants in the ad industry commit fraud by moving numbers around log data, the Blockchain Records feature assures adChain Audits clients that their data was never altered.


We’ve added the ability for Media Buyers to add campaigns that have a start date sometime in the future. This feature allows Media Buyers to pre-set their campaign tracking tag in order to seamlessly track fraudulent traffic from the first impression purchase. Along with the ability to pre-set campaigns, Media Buyers are now able to view the entire campaign’s JS tracking tag from within the UI.


Auditors now have the ability to generate custom reports in two unique flows: “Basic” and “Advanced”. The “Basic” custom report generation presents the Auditor with all captured parameters and their existing values. This allows for beginner through intermediate Auditors to quickly generate custom reports for the campaign they are analyzing. The “Advanced” custom report generation empowers advanced Auditors to quickly enter data querying code in order to generate multiple custom reports on the fly. All reports generated within the adChain Audits system sample a large data set in order to provide the Auditor with exact values. Because the reports are generated from sampled data, the sample rate is now displayed in order to allow the Auditor to back-into the full impression count.

Auditor Findings

Auditors now have the ability to toggle whether or not they wish to alert Media Buyers when they generate campaign findings.

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