v1.04 Release Notes

adChain Audits

Jun 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard tab was developed to provide the user with a quick, high-level view of their campaign’s performance. Since this tab previously accepted multiple date ranges, the total data displayed did not match a single date range. Therefore, by adding a new “Date Range” picker, we empowered the user with a tool to change all data points within the specified date range. Along with the “Date Range” picker, we added additional labels and hover-over tooltips to help users further understand the significance of the data displayed.

The Data Dashboard previously housed a map of the United States to display the latest impressions’ geo-location by IP Address. Upon update, the map is now defaulted to present the entire world, allowing users to quickly check whether or not the campaign’s impressions are serving in the desired geo-location.

Advanced Data

The Advanced Data tab houses the 200+ parameter values captured per impression for the latest 1,000 impressions. In this update, we humanized the technical terms of the parameters for users. For example, “HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH” is now labeled “Mobile Apps.”


We upgraded the “Custom Report” Tab to allow Auditors to run multi-campaign reports for selected date ranges, rather than only single-campaign reports. Along with this feature, we added the ability to expand pre-generated reports in the “All Reports” tab so users can view which campaigns and report terms have been used.

Auditor Findings

When an auditor generates an “Auditor Finding,” they now have the option to notify all Media Buyers associated with the campaign either (a) at the time of “Auditor Finding” creation or (b) at a later time.

Blockchain Records

To simplify user access, we added the Blockchain Records icon to the campaign’s table.


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