How an Interoperable Network of Metaverse’s Will Lead to a Creator Explosion!(ft. Archiverse Studios)

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6 min readMay 23, 2022


We’re going deeper and deeper with the META creator spotlight series. We are about 6 weeks in and so far, we’ve seen an amazing variety of artistic contributions from the Architect community. Clearly, the 3D builders of things have selected MetaZone as their platform of choice to collectively build their own brand presence in the metaverse. We couldn’t be happier to see this trend merge and will continue to nurture this community of artists to further their growth into the future.

So how can we best empower the Architect to bring more value to the metaverse? We think about this question on a daily basis. Enabling a market front to exist for these creators to display their work directly to the community of Decentraland landowners has been a tremendously successful phase 1. Now the objective is to enhance the existing features of the marketplace for a more fluid and user-friendly experience and to also add new features that increase the utility and use case of these assets being minted.

With so many designers and creators of 3D builds sharing the space of Decentraland, it can quickly become congested with too much supply in the market with not enough demand. This is why we’re prioritizing expanding the MZ ecosystem into existing metaverses and providing technical frameworks that allow new creators of virtual worlds to easily onboard onto our ecosystem of creators to more rapidly populate their land. This in essence will create an interconnected network of metaverses all participating in the same creator economy by allowing METAs to be deployed in not just a single metaverse, but to any connected to MetaZone frameworks.

This will lead to a tremendous increase in utility of the standard META as it can now serve a purpose to landowners across all virtual worlds, allowing it to be utilized in a much more diverse ecosystem. This also expands the target market for MZ creators which should result in a richer liquidity environment with more users looking for content to populate virtual land with. Read about our first partnered metaverse we are working closely with to expand the MZ ecosystem.

Already creators such as our spotlight Architect, Archiverse Studios, are recognizing the importance of enabling an interoperable future for the MZ ecosystem. Through our interview discussions 👇, with Archiverse you can see the focus is on the creation as it should be, but there is acknowledgement from our creators that a future where it is less cumbersome to adopt to strict limitations and rules when attempting to service between multiple metaverses is ideal.

Archiverse Studios Upcoming META Drops

Curve Tower

Parametric Pavillion

Archiverse Studios Interview

What is your origin story, what inspires you? How are you expecting people to interact with your art once deployed in the metaverse?

We are a group of architects, designers, and engineers based in Italy. Our inspiration comes from real-life buildings and shapes and truly believes in the connection between real and virtual assets.

Since we are in the metaverse we want to provide a full 360 degree experience when anyone visits our buildings. Our goal is to provide users a mix of astonishment and curiosity that is the motivation when choosing materials, textures, and lighting.

What do you think needs to happen in order for 3D designers to receive similar praise as 2D artists?

We believe it’s only a matter of time, the metaverse will show 3D designers potential, and that will put them in great demand.

Does the low poly design limitations of a virtual world like Decentraland impede your creative process or help it?

Well, actually no. Starting with some limitations is something that helps our creative process, it gives us a starting point and we don’t have to face the “empty white sheet”. I also believe it is thanks to our modeling knowledge and experience, we are able to design complex shapes with a small number of poly keeping the poly number under the limit.

Do you have any advice for new creators looking to make content like yours in the metaverse?

Yes, my best advice is to try not to copy or make things similar to others. Always find your style, and focus on your strengths and not on the things you can’t make. A strong identity in your projects will always pay better.

What are your future plans to expand your own MetaZone Verse (aka brand)?

We would like to begin a limited series of releases including a concept of different versions of the same building, stay tuned! We are also working to make our buildings more interactive with users thanks to SDK integrations.

To your knowledge, do 3D artists and designers such as yourself find it difficult to monetize their skills in the traditional world?

Yes, because there are a lot of models online and it's hard to recognize high-quality ones.

Do you think creating content for the metaverse will provide a new revenue-generating opportunity to leverage your skills?

MetaZone It’s so helpful for brand visibility. We find a lack of trust in artists due to the number of scams that are happening now and a portal like metazone helps us in relation to potential clients.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the MetaZone community regarding your aspirations as a META creator?

We’re working on new and special buildings…stay tuned!

How important is Interoperability for your creations to exist in multiple metaverses?

Each metaverse has its rules. At this moment it’s very difficult to work with the same buildings in multiple metaverses. We hope that in the future this will become easier.

Are there any collaborations you aspire to work on or on the roadmap?

Yes, we’d like to work and collaborate with: real estate agencies, museums, art galleries and advertising companies.

Previous Creations From Archiverse Studios

To contact Archiverse for any business or collaboration inquiries, visit their Twitter page and send a DM.

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