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How to Deal with a Bear Market in the Metaverse? MAKE STUFF! (ft. Ecotech Studios)

It is late June, 2022…the streets of cryptoland once a bustling wonderland of euphoric discovery is now left desolate and abandoned…the smell of panic and despair is permeating throughout and everyone remaining is left scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

This is the typical scene during a correction phase of any market. Reality sets in that the music has stopped and it’s time to get back to the drawing board to create some real value and not just short lived hype driven by aspirations for short term gain. It’s a pattern that naturally repeats itself so long as the predominant participants of the given market are carrying human brains.

If you’re not aware, Bitcoin historically is the largest driving force to the overall blockchain space market sentiment. The value of Bitcoin has been on a downward slump since the start of the year and has now breached below the previous all time highs of the 2017–2018 cycle. With this breach comes a radical shift in how people choose to participate in the market by allowing fear of an even further decline dictate their time and financial contributions.

To some this may be a new phenomenon to experience. How can the sentiment collapse for something that seemed so promising and widely supported just a few months ago? The details explaining exactly that are the subject of deep psychological debate, but for now, it is important to realize a few things in preparation of how to best weather these types of market conditions if you opt to remain an active participant.

Important Realizations

  • Realize it’s not the end, this correction phase is a natural part of participating in markets and improves the long term sustainability of them
  • Realize this is a good opportunity to identify more promising prospects when there is less noise to bog down your attention
  • Realize this is the best time to position yourself advantageously for the next upward period

The last point is very critical. By not allowing the market fear to overtake your decision-making, you now have the opportunity to further your knowledge base and personal growth within the space while others choose to look away and pursue outside ventures. This means when the cycle swings in the opposite direction you will be in a much better position than those who re-enter the market when things start to look peachy again.

So what is the best way to go about doing this? As a META creator, this is a dream scenario as it gives time to hone in on the expertise required to provide quality and engaging content for the metaverse. Now is the time to experiment, take chances with project development and discover your niche as a creator. The metaverse is going to be host to an infinite variety of content and a market will emerge demanding creators with expert ability to supply it.

Today’s spotlight creator, EcoTech Studio, is doing exactly this and is a great example for any new architect, designer, or developer looking to build for the future as well.

About EcoTech Studios

Architectural designer with over 15 years of 3D visualization experience. Looking to establish a brand presence by delivering quality and engaging experiences.

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What is your origin story, and what inspires you? How are you expecting people to interact with your art once deployed in the metaverse?

I’m an Architect with 15 years of experience specializing in interior design. We work with codes and limitations every day but the art of an architect is creating the proportion between imagination, elegance, and limitations. In real-world architecture, we have lots of limitations but we don’t have most of them in Metaverse. On the other hand, Metaverse has its own limitations too, and love that the metaverse will challenge architect's imagination. Both the blockchain and metaverses are new technologies that will flourish for a long time.

What do you think needs to happen in order for 3D designers to receive similar praise as 2D artists?

The metaverse needs to improve how people interact with it. You can reach the metaverse with acceptable quality by smartphones but for a better experience you should have VR glasses that need high-end graphics. As with all new technologies, metaverse will need more time to be popular and easy to access.

Does the low poly design limitations of a virtual world like Decentraland impede your creative process or help it?

As an architect in the real world, I learned to work with limitations. Metaverse limits are different from the real world and as I mentioned before this difference is very challenging. Triangle count and height limits play an important role but at the same time are a part of the learning curve that anyone can improve on.

Do you have any advice for new creators looking to make content like yours in the metaverse?

Learning new software is essential, we have to update ourselves all the time.

To your knowledge, do 3D artists and designers such as yourself find it difficult to monetize their skills in the traditional world?

You must have something to offer. If your designs are shining enough there are lots of clients that you can work with.

Do you think creating content for the metaverse will provide a new revenue-generating opportunity to leverage your skills?

Sure… we have done lots of projects but never used Blender before and I’m learning more new software right now. I think the more software we can work with the more revenue-generating opportunities for different clients.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the MetaZone community regarding your aspirations as a META creator?

Keep trying and be patient!

How important is Interoperability for your creations to exist in multiple metaverses?

I realized interaction is the most important thing and it makes progress. I hope my team and I keep innovating in this area.

Are there any collaborations you aspire to work on or on the roadmap?

I love urban planning and I’m eager if there would be any chance that I can collaborate with a metaverse project at the very beginning stage.

Chance to Win Free META

EcoTech was gracious enough to sponsor this week’s community call on Monday, June 20, 10 pm UTC with one of his META NFTs. For a chance to win an NFT Art Gallery of your own, attend this Monday’s call to participate in the giveaway.

Link to RSVP to Monday Event

What is MetaZone?

METAZONE is a distribution platform for user generated content called METAs (Metaverse Enabled Tokenized Assets); which can be purchased and hosted in the open metaverse. Each META is an NFT that creators can enable with revenue splits. METAs function as installable applications allowing the asset owners to deploy or delegate their content within the metaverse at the click of a few buttons.





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