Meteor Mastermind #5 — Project | APIs | Sorting Data | GraphQL | Meteor 1.3

  1. Discussing our first collaboration project
  • we use Mindmeister to brainstorm our ideas
  • we discuss the features and will start with a Github soon

2. How to let Meteor communicate with external services or 3rd party Apps

  • What are Best Practises?
  • differences between SOAP, API, RESTful, web services, microservices, etc.
  • Connect with external API : REST API is a good choice if it is feature rich and allows to do what is needed. REST Client is easier to test and integrate. Meteor Atmospheres
  • Exposing endpoints is a different thing . DDP Endpoints and connect Android, IOS and so on is a good best practise there.
  • If you build a Meteor APP which should use own APIs use DDP
  • If you build a Meteor APP which should use 3rd party APIs use Restful

3. Sorting data and integrating it into a helper

  • Use MongoDB Query combined with a Session Variable
I will test this out and post it here when I did it this week

4. Meteor 1.3 and that it introduces Imports

I think watching this video is the best to understand a lot of stuff what is coming with Meteor 1.3

5. GraphQL and Simple Schema

Watch our Video and get a lot of input from this week! :)

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