Meteor Mastermind Session #2 — Publishing Packages to Meteor | Meteor 1.3 | Chat 1:1 | Create a Filter | Subscription and Publishing | DB Joints | Meteor SEO Package

Here is the Video Recap:

We discussed this week:

  1. How to build Packages to publish them
  • Beginning with Meteor 1.3 you can use Packages from NPM
  • Meteor can maybe publish packages on NPM in the future
  • Themeteorchef has a great Recipe on how to build and publish packages to Atmosphere

2. How to build a 1:1 Chat with Meteor saving the data for 14 days

  • If you don’t have too many users / chats you can forget about Streams
  • You can build an easy chat with MongoDB, but the structure is important
  • For the data saving you can look up mongodb documentation for capped collections for “xy size”. alternatively, you can use a background task (percolate studio has a package called synced-cron) to delete old messages.
I will try to build a Chat this week and keep you updated on this

3. Debugging in Meteor

  • Big general topic, depends on the case
  • Good tools are Webstorm and Chrome Developer Tools
  • Meteor Toys can also help to debug and find errors
My Admin Panel is not working right and I will try to debug it this week to learn more about debugging.

4. Filtering in Meteor

  • Recommendation from our Mentor is to use aldeed:tabular
  • I checked this week other packages and I didn’t find other great packages which were updated the last 6 months
  • It is always good to check the Issues at Github so you see how actively a Package is developed. Example
  • Tabular uses the technique of
  • Another great example about filters was posted here when you have two collections you want to filter 2 arrays combined.

5. Subscriptions and Publishing

Thanks to Scott, I learned a lot from you!

6. MongoDB Joints — Take 2 Data Pieces from 2 different Mongo Collections

  • You want to publish Users from the Game and also the Data from the Game.. the data is in two different collections
  • One good article about this you can find on Braindump
  • A good package is reywood:publish-composite

7. Meteor SEO Package

This was a great inside tip for me
  • A good SEO Package is you can find here and on Github.
Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!
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