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On May 1, 2021 Meteostat will shut down version 1 of its JSON API. We urge all developers building on top of this version to migrate to version 2 as soon as possible. The documentation is available here.

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We have just published the 1.1.0 release of the Meteostat Python library — and it comes with an exiting new feature! Thanks to the new Point data interface you are now able to obtain historical weather and climate data for any geographical location.

Point data provides more complete time series, as observations of multiple stations are joined together. The data output is being interpolated based on the geographical distance between the different weather stations and the reference point of the query. Additionally, Meteostat adjusts measurements based on difference in altitude.


All you need is the latest version of the Meteostat…

Today we are announcing the first stable release of the Meteostat Python library on PyPI. With version 1.0.0, the library becomes much more mature and performant. Furthermore, future minor releases will guarantee full compatibility from version 1.0 upwards.

With our Python library we wanted to build a scalable solution which allows users to analyze historical weather and climate data on a large scale — both time-wise and geographically. In contrast to the Meteostat JSON API, the library provides unlimited data access and doesn’t require users to sign up. This is made possible with the help of Cloudflare, a global CDN…

Update: We’ve published a first stable version of the Meteostat Python library. Please read this article for more information.

Just one week after the release of our open weather station directory, we are now launching an official Meteostat Python library. The library will co-exist with our JSON API and provides a more flexible interface which targets the data science community. It’s build on top of the Meteostat bulk data interface and utilizes Pandas for data analysis. We invite everyone to test the 0.1.0 version of the Meteostat Python library. …


A free online service which provides weather and climate…

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