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Meter’s Monthly Newsletter — February 2020

Hello Meterians!

Wow, has February flown by!

We’ve been cranking on some great programs and improvements all month.

Check out below for everything that’s been going on!

Testnet and Development Updates

The Meter testnet has grown to over 70 nodes!

Meter is still the only Hotstuff-based consensus project that is open for public validation, and the network is becoming more and more stable by the day.

We will restart the Warring Stakes incentivized testnet challenge in March. This version will incorporate the on-chain auction and slashing. We are excited to observe user behaviors and fine-tune the network.

If you are interested in testing the Meter network and being rewarded with MTRG coins, fill out this application now! To get a better idea of what it takes to set up a full node, see this Github page. You can also join our Discord server for regular updates regarding the competition and for exclusive challenges with bonus stakes.

And as more miners join the testnet, we are working on a new mining pool with better multi-user support. We are looking for PoS validators to operate these pools in the future. If you’re interested in helping out, email us or join our Discord server and let us know.

We continue to add features and improvements to the network and are on track for a mainnet launch in April.

Community Updates

Meter Grant Program

We’ve launched the Meter Grant Program! Now you can earn MTR by helping us grow the Meter ecosystem.

There are plenty of ways you can contribute and earn MTR:

  1. Create content for the Meter website
  2. Share content about Meter to your social networks
  3. Invite Proof-of-Stake validators or Proof-of-Work miners to join the network
  4. Connect us to wallets and payments companies so they can integrate Meter
  5. Help us develop new tools and improve the network

Visit the Grant Program page to learn more. We’re all in this together!

Meter Grants > Hugh Grant

How do you describe Meter?

We’ve been working on a short, catchy tagline to describe Meter. We have a few ideas but would love to hear yours!

Shoot us an email at with your ideas and we’ll give you 50 Grant points!

(You don’t need to sign up for the Grant Program before submitting your ideas, we’ll take care of that later.)

We’re looking forward to hearing more about how you describe Meter!

Until next time!

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To stay updated on all things Meter, visit our website and join us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

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Meter is a high performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

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