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The Meter Monthly — August 2020

We launched our liquidity mining program, listed MTRG and MTR on MXC Exchange, forged a ton of partnerships, and more!

Hello Meterians!

August was another great month of huge growth for Meter.

Our Meter-Ethereum bridge went live, which led to our listing on Uniswap and the launch of our liquidity mining program.

We forged a ton of valuable partnerships with MXC Exchange, Elrond, and many more.

And our communities have grown by leaps and bounds.

Read on to learn everything that’s been going on.

And of course, please share Meter with others who may be interested!

Network and Product Updates

We launched our Meter-Ethereum Bridge and liquidity mining program

Our mission for cross-chain interoperability has begun! We launched our Meter-Ethereum bridge, where you can map MTR and MTRG to eMTR and eMTRG, respectively.

This is the foundation of our liquidity mining program, where you can earn yield for providing liquidity to our Balancer and Uniswap pools. Our Balancer pool has over $1M in liquidity, and our Uniswap pool is growing fast!

Read this post to learn how to add liquidity to one of our pools and earn some eMTRG!

Community Updates

New exchange listing — MXC

MTRG and MTR will be listed on MXC Exchange! Trading is now live. Read this post for all information.


We forged a bunch of partnerships with great crypto companies to help fuel the growth of Meter!

We’ll be working with:

More to come!

AMA with Generation Crypto

We held an AMA with Generation Crypto’s English Telegram group on August 26, where we answered questions about our liquidity mining program, hybrid consensus mechanism, and more! Read the transcript here.

Until next time!

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Originally published at on August 31, 2020.




Meter is a high performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

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