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The Meter Monthly — October 2020

We’ve been increasing Meter’s compatibility with Ethereum, forging new partnerships, and holding AMAs to spread the word about Meter.

Hello Meterians!

Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy this treat of an email with everything that we’ve been working on. And it’s been a lot!

Read on to learn everything that’s been going on.

And of course, please share Meter with others who may be interested!

Network Updates

As you may know, we’ve been working on making the Meter network more compatible with Ethereum. And we’ve made amazing progress!

The code for the Ethereum compatibility upgrade has been completed. The Warring Stakes testnet already supports interaction with Metamask.

The EVM Istanbul upgrade was much more extensive than we originally expected, and will require more time for testing. However, applications like Uniswap already run very well on Meter without the EVM upgrade.

We are also busy developing our Smart AMM, an automated market making engine that combines information from Chainlink and price/depth in Uniswap to guide the quote price and bonding curve. It allows providing liquidity to trading pairs with exposure to just one token and eliminates the impermanent loss from constant 50/50 value re-balancing in Uniswap.

The first phase of the DEX using Meter’s smart AMM engine,, launched on Oct 29th. Stay tuned for more info as we continue to roll out our Smart AMM!

Community Updates

New Partnerships

The Meter Merch Store is now live, thanks to our partners at Origin Protocol! You can now buy official Meter-branded merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more to rep Meter in your local community. Visit the Meter Merch Store here, and read more about the launch here.

We’ve partnered with Tixl to accelerate cross-chain development! We and Tixl share the same vision of all blockchain interacting with each other, so we’re putting our heads together to get there faster. Read more about the partnership here.

And we’ll be announcing another big partnership in the coming days, so look out for that on Telegram and Twitter.


We held two double-AMAs with recent partners.

CEO Xiaohan Zhu and leader Chadimus Prime answered questions in the and Meter Telegram groups respectively to discuss our partnership to build a DEX on Meter’s DeFi infrastructure. Read the transcripts for both AMAs here:

Xiaohan also answered questions in Tixl’s Telegram group, then Tixl Co-founders Sebastian Gronewald and Christian Eichinger joined us in our Telegram group, where our cross-chain partnership was discussed. You can read the transcript from both AMAs here:

Thanks so much for your support! Until next time!

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Originally published at on October 31, 2020.



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