Company onboarding from a distance

Tips to help inform your remote welcome strategy

The First Day

Send swag beforehand
Honestly, swag goes a long way in making someone feel like they’re part of the studio. Who doesn’t like getting presents in the mail? Even better if everyone in the studio has matching hoodies.

The First Week

Assign a buddy
All new hires will undoubtedly have questions they don’t really want to ask their official managers. We heard time and time again that those with assigned ‘buddies’ had a much more impactful experience and felt much more welcomed than those without.

Within the First Month

Balance the first week’s schedule carefully
Feeling aimless is a concern in these computer-reliant times, even if we have company tenure. New hires need key meetings on their calendars, but at spaced-out intervals — having something to look forward to a few weeks out is key.



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