Looking back, as we look ahead

Method Year in Review 2020

New faces

Throughout the year we welcomed a number of new faces (or as Senior Designer Victor Kim likes to put it, new “cursors with voices”). Kim, Adriana, Priyanka and Adeline joined the London team at the beginning of the year, and Abraham, Nicole and Livie were our first remote hires in New York. Most recently we’ve brought on Liz and Richard to facilitate our heated Saints vs. Eagles conversations (and we’re still hiring — no sports references necessary). We also welcomed a new baby to the Method family (congrats Luke!).

A productive year

That was pretty much the only day we played hooky, though. Otherwise we were busy. And we’re pretty proud, honestly — so let’s brag a little: Over the course of these 365 days, we will have worked with 23 clients in 12 industries on 35 projects in 6 countries. We worked on two projects entirely in French.

A resurgence of purpose

When we weren’t hustling or side hustling (or binging Tiger King), we were processing. Attempting, at least, to internalize the overwhelming racial, environmental and political reckonings of 2020. We considered how to respond, both individually and as an organization. When you have the power to do, what do you not do? One thing was clear: posting a black square is not enough.

Looking ahead

Method is a 21-year-old company. And yet, here we are, re-examining our processes, our purpose, appreciating our colleagues in new ways, and growing our capacity for resilience.



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