NPS is no longer enough

An actionable approach to customer experience improvement

  • The NPS data alone is so simple it is hard to interpret where to focus. Especially for large brands with multiple experiences, customers are only asked to give one single number.
  • Even if our clients are gathering additional data, the data lives in silos and it’s hard to know why customers responded the way they did.
  • Even if our clients can figure out why, NPS doesn’t tell them what to do next.
  1. Determine the right KPIs. Conduct an ecosystem and metrics analysis to help set the right KPIs at moments that matter. The same metrics used to analyze one feature may not be applicable for another feature. Metrics differ with context, and measuring the right metric is critical for an accurate assessment of performance.
  2. Identify targeted opportunities for improvement. Use customer segmentation and product experience deep dives to identify specific areas where you want to see your customer experience ratings improve. Experience isn’t one size fits all. The key to unlocking NPS is therefore identifying and understanding each customer segment. If you know what drives value for each group, you can optimize for individuals.
  3. Translate these opportunities into solutions. Once your company understands NPS and the drivers of it, it’s time to take action. Leverage design and technology expertise to define product requirements and translate opportunities into solutions. The first step towards solutioning, fixing and innovating for NPS is to evolve and align upon the product vision — and then define a roadmap of features to get there.
  • Empower your front-line employees to act in a way that increases customer value by putting customer-centric decision making in the hands of your product managers, engineers, sales, customer service and support staff.
  • Build a data-centric organization that is able to maintain a pulse on the emerging market trends and the evolving customer expectations, so that you can predict change sooner and innovate faster.
  • Invest in the right technologies and strategic business initiatives in an informed way that ensures not only that your investments pay off but that the benefits reach your end users as soon as possible.



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