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May 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Back in 2010, Phil and I (with the help of a lot of friends) built a little website called Method & Craft. The idea was something along the lines of: “DVD extras” of design — the stories behind the work, who made it, how they did it, and the techniques people have developed throughout their professional career.” It was fun to build, it was fun to curate, and most of all, it was fun to see the community respond, and the support pour in. Then, life happened, and Method & Craft went the way of about 99% of the internet — out to pasture.

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About a year ago, Phil and I started having conversations about a new Method & Craft — built in a way that would ensure we wouldn’t be the cause of another premature death. On the other side of the country, Jason and Drew were thinking about the old Method & Craft site, and reached out to Phil to chat. One thing led to another and a new life was born.

We’re thrilled, no ecstatic, no absolutely stoked to announce a rebirth of Method & Craft, complete with a new team, new mission, and new DNA. This time, we’re here to stay.

The Mission

Method & Craft encapsulated in product form what is so great about the design community: generosity, camaraderie, and the drive to improve one’s craft. The new mission of Method & Craft is really no different. We believe learning, working, and living is best done together. Method & Craft exists to build a stronger design community by helping designers learn, share, and grow.

We’re building the new Method & Craft — a platform where folks everywhere can learn over the shoulder of their fellow designers. Designers can ask and answer questions, discover new methods to design challenges, explore the process of other designers, and interact with the community at large.

The Team

So who is this new team? Great question, I’m glad you asked. If you’re familiar with Method & Craft, then you may already be familiar with myself (Noah) and Phil. Who I’d really like you to meet is our new partners, Drew Barontini and Jason VanLue.

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Drew Barontini
Drew is an engineer who previously led the UI Engineering team at Code School. He’s also the most organized person on the planet. Drew will be leading engineering and development efforts for the new M&C platform.

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Jason VanLue
Jason is a businessman who does business, man. He ran a software consultancy, led the product teams at Code School, and has written a couple books. Jason will be leading business development and product efforts for the new M&C platform.

Phil and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Drew and Jason! They are top shelf in what they do, and share our passion for the community.

What’s Next

We’ve retired the old Method & Craft, and in a few weeks we’re launching an interview series that explores innovative methods, as well as in-depth process videos from a variety of designers. Make sure you sign up for updates, or follow us on Twitter.

In the spirit of transparency, sharing, and community, we’re opening up our process as we build the new Method & Craft. That’s right, the process for building a product that explores the process of designing products and other things. So very meta…so very internet. Follow along on Medium and Twitter.

So much more to come…we’re just getting (re)started.


A Note from Method & Craft: Thanks for taking the time to read our article and 💚ing it, if you enjoyed this post, spread the word. You can find us at methodandcraft.com where you can learn over the shoulder of your favorite designers.


Learn over the shoulder of your favorite designers.

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