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The Kano Methodology

Or, How We Rallied a Product Team Behind Color-Coded Charts

The Kano methodology is a tool that categorizes product features into five emotional response types to priority. These emotional response types are distinguished by how a feature’s functionality or performance effects a user satisfaction with the product. Now, I’ll cover some of this Kano goodness here, but if you want the lay of the land, there is nothing better than this Folding Burritos article. It is a sacred text.




In this series, our Research team details the strategies we use to provide user insights to our cross-functional teams. Read on to learn more about our areas of expertise, and how we bring our teams along through the Research process!

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Verizon Connect Research

Verizon Connect Research

We are a UX research team based in Atlanta and part of the broader, global Experience Team. We lead user research to support all of Verizon Connect.

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