Have Compassion.

Jonathan Ebrahimoon / New York Life

We met up with Jonathan Ebrahimoon, a top producer with New York Life and a friend of METIS’, over the summer at his home in Monte Sereno, CA. Jonathan started his career with Northwestern Mutual and quickly realized that he needed a proper team and support structure, one that he was able to cultivate with New York Life. After all, selling life insurance is not the easiest job description. In addition to a professional support system, he realized there were two primary things he was working for — his dogs and his house.

If you ever visit Jonathan at his residence you’ll soon realize that there is always a project going on — whether it be new patio decking, a backyard bbq, or changing and updating the furniture to an agility course just for his dogs. Let’s talk about his dogs; there are two unmistakable companions to Jonathan, both rescues — Maggie and Bobby. Maggie being the smaller and older of the two naturally runs the show when Jonathan’s away.

Being a top-producer many new hires and the people around Jonathan ask him what his secret is. “It’s easy,” Jonathan says, “work hard, play hard, have compassion and understand what you’re working for.” For Jonathan, he’s always been the first one to show up and the last one to leave. Makes no excuses and takes minimal days off. His compassion knows no bounds when it comes to his family, friends and his dogs. Those things remain constant for Jonathan and is non-debatable. He works because he believes and cares in what he does, and the people that trust him as their consultant.

Jonathan is a guy that doesn’t skirt around the topic. When asked what he does, he doesn’t embellish just who he is or what he does. Rather than telling people he’s a top producer or a senior vice president or any other fancy speak, he tells people that he sells life insurance and he writes a lot of policies. Jonathan keeps it simple and shoots it to his clients straight. His clients appreciate him that much for it.

We like keeping things simple as well, and this is why we’ve been a fan of Jonathan’s. If you’re on the entrepreneurial path and have yet completely figured things out, go to the basics and figure it out from the ground up.

Have Compassion. Be True. Keep Things Simple.


Written by Wallace Chane, Founder and CEO of METIS Real Estate

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