Sunny Wang / Essence Wealth

Wealth management is not an easy industry to get into, and many of us do not believe that we need financial management nor qualify for it. This is where we’re wrong. Have you ever seen the “30 things you should do in your 30s” articles that are popular on sites like BuzzFeed or Business Insider? Eating right and exercising are two items that always make it to such lists, saving money and buying a house are also among the topics discussed. The typical reason to buy a house when you’re in your thirties is so you can have it paid off when you’re in your 50s or 60s, but as with any bit of advice there is some bad mixed in with the good. Although it’s honorable to take out a 30-year fixed mortgage and make 360 neatly-divided payments, it’s not exactly financially savvy. We believe that financial advice and wealth management should be accessible to more than just the privileged few. Wealth is not accidental, wealth is planned and accrued.

This is where a financial advisor’s advice becomes invaluable. Meet Sunny Wang, President of Essence Wealth. Sunny grew up in China but he and his mother immigrated to the United States through the generosity of a sponsor. Since then he has worked hard, earned a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and earned his stripes at Northwestern Mutual, one of the nation’s largest and most well-respected financial institutions. After many years of building a foundation and book of clients at Northwestern Mutual, Sunny re-visited not only his personal goals, but also the primary interests of his clients. He then made the decision to become an independent advisor by opening up Essence Wealth. Unlike a major institution in the financial world, being an independent financial advisor allowed Sunny to offer a wider range of product to his clients — including all of the products he had become so familiar with at Northwestern Mutual. Through Essence Wealth Sunny has gained further flexibility needed to best serve his clients as well as to break free from the restraints ‘corporate life’ held on him.

Sunny plays a role in the METIS model. Unlike many real estate firms and agents who tell their buyers to get pre-approved by a lender before approaching them, we take our clients through the entire process (if they wish). This service is especially popular with our first-time home buyers. Pre-approving is part of the home buying process, but when you work with a mortgage broker they typically try to pre-approve you for the maximum amount you qualify for without considering your entire financial big picture. Sunny provides an extra step before pre-approving; he pulls apart your financial portfolio and makes recommendations on best optimization of resources, including a suggestion on housing budget. As a result, METIS home buyers are not only pre-approved for the maximum a lender is willing to lend, but they are also now financially savvy on how the dollar amount of their final purchase through METIS will affect their financial future.

This said, if you’re in your thirties, this is a great way to get started on building your life exit strategy. Even if you’re past your thirties, it’s never too late to start saving a buck here and there. We here at METIS hand-select professionals at the top of their industry to recommend to our clients to ensure that they receive the most fluid, comprehensive, and effortless real estate experience possible. This takes many years of experience, more mistakes than you could imagine (we kissed a lot of frogs), and most of all — underlying and unyielding confidence in what we do.

METIS is a start-up operating in the residential real estate space. We are a data and detail driven brokerage which provides the most value to dollar ratio on the market. Connect today — | 408–621–7607