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5 timeless chairs to covet

Vintage Sage Green Eames for Herman Miller | circa 1960's

We don’t think about it, but we spend a great deal sitting. Sitting on task chairs, sitting at restaurants, sitting while driving, sitting on park benches. Often a chair is function forward, but shouldn’t they provide another element of style or desire, and add to the environment we thrive in? Often we hear that a great chair design is the pinnacle of great industrial design. Today, we’re going to talk specifically about chairs, and more specifically about 5 chairs that we covet the most.

Hiroshima Chair by Naoto Fukasawa

1. Hiroshima Chair by Naoto Fukasawa

Soft, simple lines and warm wood is the calling of Naoto Fukasawa’s Hiroshima chair. Almost a modern take on shaker furniture. We love it for it’s simplicity, and covet it for its comfort.

LC1 Basculant Chair Pony by Le Corbusier

2. LC1 by Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier was a brilliant architect leading the modern movement at the turn of the century. Today, you see his inspiration from his work in many of the better industrial design examples and the few furniture pieces he created have become icons. Arguably he is better known for his LC4 chaise lounge, you couldn’t help but find his LC1 chair strewn about higher end boutiques, department stores and hotels in the 90’s. They may not be the most comfortable things (our opinion), but they are exemplary to look at.

Dowel Chair by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

3. Shell chairs by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

Originally constructed of fiberglass, these chairs are the holy grail for many mid-century chair collectors and the cornerstone of many collections. There are few original vintage chairs in near-perfect condition left in the wild, and when they do come up for sale they command top dollar. We’re fortunate enough to call a newer set made of molded plastic as our dining chairs.

Ikea Stockholm Chair

4. Ikea Stockholm Chair in Walnut

In Late 2013, Ikea introduced their Stockholm collection of dining room furniture. Amongst the collection was this chair constructed of solid walnut. It has been a hot item since it hit Ikea’s shelves and Ikea could not keep up with its demand. We haven’t seen the natural walnut chairs ever on Ikea’s shelves and today, they’re not even on Ikea’s website. We love its simple lines, solid construction, and the warmth that walnut adds. An added detail is the separate leather chair pad that Ikea sold as a companion product. We’re calling it, this one is going to go down with the ages.

Molded Plywood Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

5. Molded Plywood Chairs by Eames for Herman Miller

Another Eames chair? This is too easy right? We thought long and hard before realizing that we had to include this chair. Charles and Ray Eames architected so many iconic and timeless chairs that nearly any chair list and chair collection is incomplete without at least one. Out of their many chairs, the LCW has been one of the most coveted amongst collectors. Time Magazine even went as far as to call it the Best Design of the 20th Century. The LCW began as an experiment in 1946. Using a bicycle pump sheets of plywood were pressed and bonded to form this iconic chair. This chair stands on it’s own and in a room full of superstars, continues to command attention.

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