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5 Space Heaters You’ll Actually Want To Sit Next To

Fall is upon us and for those of us in the San Francisco Bay that translates into shorter days, thicker jackets and cashmere scarves. It also means it’s time to check the furnace and ensure our homes are adequately heated for those cold evenings. Before you run to Costco to pick up a dish space heater for a room or faux commercial patio heater for your backyard activities check out these 5 over-achieving heaters that will add that breath of warmth and holiday spirit this chilly season.

Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

1. Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

Although currently just a concept at the time of this article, the organic matte ceramic egg shape caught our attention immediately and only continued to captivate us with it’s gold tiled interior reflecting warmth throughout the room. This portable fireplace with it’s wooden dowel legs lends itself easily into almost any decor and would fit into a craftsman or modern pre-fab contemporary dwelling.

We hope to see this fireplace come to market soon: Cavallius Design

Globe Fireplace by Vauni

2. Globe Fireplace by Vauni

“Cool” “Modern” “Hip” and “Fly” are words that have been used to describe Vauni’s line of Globe Fireplaces. Imagine your fireplace being the ice breaker at your holiday gatherings! The Globe is a ventless ethanol fireplace that can be moved from a wall mount, stand mount, or sit simply on the floor. In fact it is so versatile that it can be used indoors, moved around, or as a patio heater just as easily thanks to a lightweight chimney free design.

Starting at 2,237€, and available in a plethora of colors: Vauni

Infrared Telescoping Patio Heater by Restoration Hardware

3. Infrared Telescoping Patio Heater by Restoration Hardware

They overstuff our mailboxes every year with their telephone book of a catalogue but we can’t help ourselves to flip through it’s pages. These heaters look a bit outlandish, a little like the aliens from “The War of the Worlds” one of us noted, but we couldn’t get past it’s brushed stainless skin and industrial hardware. Adds a little upscale restaurant or lounge to our backyards.

$395 each: Restoration Hardware

Cubi Stack by La Castellamonte and Adriano Design

4. Stack by La Castellamonte and Adriano Design

These are our favorite on this list. Stack is a series of series of modular wood burning ceramic stoves that marry old world construction with modern day comfort. Available as the Round Stack (pictured in the main visual), the Cubi Stack or Thermo Stack, you can add modular components to personalize and adapt these stoves to your lifestyle. Much like the Piet Indoor Stove there’s a great warm and earthy quality to these stoves that lend them easily to nearly any environment.

Starting at £6,000: Stack Stoves

Bonfire by Modfire

5. Modfire

These were last year’s favorite and still a strong contender. Simple, lasting construction. Bright, fun colors. Sparks conversation. Modfire’s modern take on portable fire places is sure to make you and your guests smile while keeping you toasty. Even better is that although the basic fireplace is wood burning, you can opt for a propane model for just $300 more.

From $1,350 to $3,880: Modfire

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