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8 Wine systems that will improve your habitat

Custom Wine Tasting Room at Wiroa Station

Being so close to one of the greatest wine regions in the world allows us in Silicon Valley easy access to amazing wine. Many of us start with a bottle or two, then join a wine club, then join a few more clubs, buy a few more bottles and the next thing we know we have more wine than we know where to store. Some of our favorite storage options are the pre-built racks at Cost Plus or to go whole hog and have a custom cellar built, but for many of we want something that lends itself to the decor we worked so hard on achieving. Here are 8 eye-catching wine systems that you’ll have to consider.


1. Stact

One of the most successful wine-centric Kickstarter campaigns is Stact, a modular wall system that allows you to store and display wine beautifully in open spaces. Easy to assemble, high quality materials, and rave reviews.

Order Stact at:


2. MuNiMulA Modular Wine Storage

Constructed from anodized aluminum, the MuNiMulA system allows for one to expand their system as tall and as wide as their needs go. Being anodized aluminum it also comes in a rainbow of colors to suit any design needs your space may require.

From $90 at


3. Modulo Rack

If you’re a Francophile when it comes to wine and prefer Bordeaux, Burgundy, or a good Chateauneuf du Pape — Modulo Rack offers a modular storage system that shows off the traditional wooden crates your wine is shipped in. This industrial system utilizes an iron frame with trays mounted on rollers to hold your wine.

Create your own system at :


4. Bachus by Marcel Wanders for SLIDE Design

Made out of formed polyethylene, the Bachus Wine Rack holds up to 40 bottles and offers a playful no-assembly required element to any home. Bunny not included.

Order at:


5. Arsenal wall-mounted wine rack by Ladeiro & Lages

There are no shortage of wall-mounted wine storage options, but the modern aesthetic and warm wood construction of the Arsenal wine rack by Ladeiro & Lages is a cut above. Easily integrated into any room, it utilizes otherwise wasted room and shows off your wine collection with elegance.

Order your‘s through Calligaris Interiors:


6. Millesime Wine Racks

Are large formats your game? If so you’ll have to take a look at Millesime Wine Racks which offers highly configurable and modular systems to fit any space. Easily integrated into any room and mounting options for nearly any surface.

Order directly through Millesime:

Weston Mills Pottery

7. Terracotta by Weston Mills Pottery

If your home is decorated with the likes of HEATH Ceramics or Bauer Pottery than Terracotta by Weston Mills will fit right in. As it’s name signifies these modular pieces are formed from fired clay and come in neutral or glazed. You can mix and match glazed or unglazed, white, green or any other color they offer. They will stack as tall and as wide as your space allows, and speaking of space they’re a great option to fill in otherwise wasted or underutilized space such as old fireplaces, kitchen islands, and so forth.

Configure your own set through Weston Mills:


8. Do-it-Yourself

Don’t like any of the off-the-shelf solutions? Sometimes the perfect solution just takes a little bit of time, elbow grease and good ol’ ingenuity. The above configuration was created by adding reclaimed wood panels to the walls and re-purposing old industrial shelves for wine. Spend a Saturday morning at one of the many flea markets in the Bay Area, our favorite is the Antique Fair that happens once a month in Alameda. Clean it up and set your bottles on it. The best part is you did it yourself!

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