A use case of Interference Mitigation

Metric is an integrated environment for addressing several areas of mobile services (rollout, DT, integration, NPO.. ). We are taking a step forward in delivering the best solutions for our clients, by creating a platform that simplifies the work of radio teams, adds savings, boosts productivity with automatic features and increases efficiency for companies.

With Metric, the Radio team can simplify the daily work with a complex analysis that combines different data (DT KPIs, PM, CM) and easily make decisions to improve the network.

Check the Interference Mitigation use case above! With a quick analysis, we can conclude that those areas are polluted. Metric allows you to create fences directly on the map and split screen to compare two different KPIs. After a RAN Engineer detects the coverage cell of the polluted area, can observe the antenna information and the terrain profile to understand this overshoot.

Finally, with this analysis, we can take some decisions to reduce the interference, like downtilt the cell that is overshooting.

This is one of the all quick analyses that are available on Metric! Note that a better quality of the signal in your network gives you the satisfaction of your clients and a improvement of your company! Metric gives you that!

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