Yahoo! Japan rolls out IndoorAtlas positioning on Tokyo stations

IndoorAtlas, where I led the mobile and cloud engineering teams in co-operation with the genius algorithm research team led by Esa Rahtu, the company’s co-founder and CTO, announced last week that the live roll-out of IndoorAtlas powered indoor positioning in Yahoo! Japan’s Map app has begun on the busiest subway and rail stations in Tokyo. That project is one which kept us very busy for the first half of this year.

It was one of four major engineering projects I had the opportunity to help the team with during my time there, and I want to congratulate the team on the achievement. It was a privilege to participate in the working of such a talented team and deliver the system to Yahoo! Japan as well as to Baidu a year ago. We also re-architected the mobile SDK to version 2.x with much friendlier developer APIs, and I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of the fourth project — possibly the largest one of all of them. The new web tools for the customer base were already rolled out as part of that initiative earlier this year.

Good luck for the future, I’m sure you will do great!