Metro North Diaries

Learning about life from the daily train commute

Idle Movement

I sat next to this old man yesterday. He just sat there on the train and did absolutely nothing for an hour. He didn’t sleep, read, or squirm; he just breathed and blinked about…

Tunnel Vision

Losing cell reception in the Grand Central tunnel is liberating. One can dive into their own thoughts for about seven minutes without being interrupted by a push messages, SMS, or…

The Journey Is Better Than the End

Riding the train is the ultimate test of consistency and durability. You accept it, as a means to get up and get active in a world that demands your best…

Being First

Competition results from a combination of getting ahead and the fear of missing out.

As soon as one person gets ready to depart the train, they all do. No one…

Train Watching

“There are few places more sedentary than a train car; there are also few better ways to see the world.” - Ben Crair

The Ebb and Flow of Train Chatter

If you take a snapshot of train chatter you’d see that it gradually rises from the morning on, peaking in the evening. Even the uptick in sound between 7…

Stuck in the Bathroom 

Stuck in the bathroom is one thing; stuck in a train bathroom is hell.

Imagine the world moving outside while you painfully suffer in immobility…

Unnecessary Urgency

We all want to get ahead, be first. But with more speed comes more stress. This mentality can even turn friends into antagonists.

Short on Cars

Riding a train short in cars turns everyone into a sardine. People are forced to squeeze together, touching elbows and pant legs, holding bags on their lap.

One Foot In, One Foot Out

There’s always one person who sticks their foot inside the train doors as soon as they open.

Borrow my phone, borrow my life

People break their phones, lose their phones, and run out of power. It happens to everybody at least once.


The last people to get off the train in the morning are the ones that really don’t want to go to work.

They cling on to their seats, looking for every excuse to keep…

Turn the dark ON

Sometimes you’ll walk into Grand Central when it’s still light outside and shoot out of the exit tunnel into complete darkness.

Passing Trains

Sometimes the adjacent trains zoom by so fast you can still see the other side, uninterrupted, just through two additional windows instead of one.

Taking the Local Versus the Express Train

The main differences between the local and express trains are the number of stops and speed.

The Bar Car

The bar car is no different than any other standalone bar. The people that tend to sit there want to drink and socialize. The people that pass by the bar car wonder what life is…

The Quiet Car

“We’d like to maintain a library like atmosphere,” announces the conductor on the Quiet Car.

The Quiet Car is the first car of the train where no talking nor…

Free Eavesdropping

It’s impossible to ignore train conversations. Even the softest discussions can be heard just a few seats away.

Tech Training

If you want to see the rate of technological adoption and get a sneak preview of the next big popular device or app to emerge, just ride the train.

Head Starts

There are two sides to a train. You’d think both side doors of the train would open at the same time but they frequently don’t. Some passengers get on before you and get seats.

Metro North Diaries
Metro North Diaries

Learning about life from the daily train commute

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