HK Asks: Has Technology Brought More Diversity into the Workplace?

Technology is disrupting almost every aspect of our daily lives, bringing about fresh starts, patterns, and perspectives. But is it also helping diversity in the workplace?

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce brought together a panel of industry leaders at Mettā Hong Kong on June 7th to discuss.

Who was there:

  • Barbara Navarro, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations at Google,
  • Candace Chan, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing HK & APAC at eBay,
  • Marisa Flores, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Managing Director of Perspectiva Asia
  • Zo Lorenzo Paglinawan, Social Media Coordinator & Diversity Representative at Ambition.
  • The panel was moderated by Alfonso Ballesteros, Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

What we heard:

  1. Diversity is always good for the bottom line. Companies now deal with such a diverse group of consumers, that the makeup of the company should be reflective of this. Plus productivity improves up to 80%, depending on which study you read.
  2. Diversity is a learning process, and with successive generations the world is bound to naturally become more and more of a diverse place. Already we’re seeing a lot of young leaders are voicing their opinions and bringing new life and new ideas to the cultural landscape.
  3. Diversity is not safe or easy but it’s enriching. A diverse environment produces a variety of perspectives vs. one clear solution as you would find in a monocultural environment, but the ultimate outcome is always much more rich and interesting.


“Diversity is disruptiveness — it takes people out of their comfort zone.”

“Diversity means different things to all of us, we carry our thinking from where we come from.”

What Next?

Embracing diversity is the first challenge. Often it only takes one person to start the conversation, be that person!