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We talk to Executive Director of the US Coalition on Sustainability, Joanna Hall, about her unconventional path into STEM and her role as a technologist.

Ada Lovelace week always brings thoughts about the challenges of women and diversity in STEM to the surface for me. …

An insightful conversation with angel investor, mentor, NED, and Venture Partner to the upcoming Aerospace Xelerated programme.

In the latest instalment of Metta’s Meet the Team series, we are chatting to Johanna Campion. …

To nudge or not to nudge? Metta talks to Divya Sukumar, behavioural scientist at Signol.

Behavioural science is an exciting field that is developing quickly. During the recent ‘Behavioural Science in the Wild’ episode on the Metta Talks podcast, I had a fascinating chat with Signol’s behavioural scientist Divya Sukumar. …

Metta talks to Pippa Gawley, Founder and Managing Director at Zero Carbon Capital, about backing startups that address the hardest problems of climate change.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss investing in early-stage businesses who have the potential to tackle climate change with Pippa Gawley, Managing Director of Zero Carbon Capital. ZCC is an early stage investment fund that backs businesses who have the potential to reduce, avoid or capture half a gigatonne

We chat to Ksenia about her thoughts on the innovation industry and her advice to corporates looking to work with startups.

As Programme Associate, I’ve been working very closely with Ksenia and I can say without a doubt that she is an unwavering presence in Metta.

Having designed and delivered the previous two iterations of the ATI Boeing Accelerator — now known as Aerospace Xelerated —as Programme Associate and then Programme…

Metta hosts an honest conversation between a corporate startup champion and a founder.

Collaboration between startups and corporations can enable large-scale innovation. In a recent episode of the Metta Talks podcast, we heard from both sides of this relationship to discover what makes a successful startup and corporate relationship.

A 2016 MassChallenge study conducted with 233 startups and 112 corporations highlighted that for…

Metta talks to Pippa Gawley, Founder and Managing Director at Zero Carbon Capital, about backing startups that address the hardest problems of climate change.

Massive increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration are fundamentally changing our climate.

(📸: Kelly Sikkema)

Shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and increasingly frequent severe weather events (not forgetting increasing prevalence of novel diseases like COVID-19) — these changes are already having a huge human and ecological impact. …

At Metta, we’re introducing our work — supporting startups, industry, and government with sustainable technology-driven innovation — but also the amazing team behind it all.

It’s been a blast to work with Dana Zou, our new Programme Associate for the Aerospace Xelerated programme (more on that soon 👀), over these…

Metta talks to Emilie Hannezo, Principal at InMotion Ventures — Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital arm, about investing in mobility tech.

The standstill in the transportation sector between 2020 and 2021 resulted in the mobility industry being one of the most heavily affected sectors. Despite this, the first quarter of 2021 was one of the strongest quarters for mobility investments. It’s estimated that since 2010, investors have poured nearly $330 billion…

We chat to Heather Baden about her journey, why she joined us, and how she’s going to weave sustainability and innovation into everything Metta does.

Metta supports startups, industry and government with sustainable technology-driven innovation. This article is part two of a series introducing the wonderful human beings behind Metta. In part one, we met the cofounders of Metta — Gabriela Matic and Wil Benton. …


Thoughts from the Metta team.

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