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The Social Tech Trust is the UK’s leading dedicated investor of socially motivated tech.

Established as the Corporate Foundation of Nominet in 2008, the Trust became independent and formed a new strategic partnership with Social Investment Business in May 2018. Now known as Social Tech Trust, the charity continues to back organisations that use tech to transform lives, by providing the investment and support needed for social tech ventures to grow and scale their social impact.

The Social Tech Trust has supported almost 800 socially motivated initiatives in the UK, providing more than £31m of funding to drive change with tech.

📸: Lala Azizli

We were hired to deliver a series of workshops to the leadership team — including the CEO, Development Manager, Portfolio Managers and the Marketing and Communications Manager. Tasked with providing an introduction to scouting, supporting (and investing in) and scaling startups, our workshops were designed to introduce each topic before providing a deeper dive into the concepts over a week-long working session.

Sutin Yang, Portfolio Manager, Social Tech Trust

The Social Tech Trust has gone on to develop and deliver accelerator programmes in partnership with Microsoft and the Mayor of London. Building on a decade of funding early stage ventures at the pre-seed stage, they are now expanding their offer by establishing a dedicated fund to invest in the strongest ventures and support their growth. Their fund is supported by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport.

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