3 creative ways to gift MeUndies

Turn up the holiday heat with some truly inspired gift giving.

Great job on taking the first step into getting your friends and family a gift they’ll love this holiday…Now take it one step further and try these memorable ways to give MeUndies to your favorite people.

Deck Some Balls

Gotta gussy up your tree and prep some gifts for giving? You’re in luck ’cause we found a way you can do both with Ornament Undies.

What you will need

  • Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornaments
  • MeUndies Thongs
  • Next to no interest in gift wrapping or tree decorating

Step One: Get your paws on equal numbers of fillable ornaments and pairs of MeUndies.

Step Two: Roll up a pair of undies as tightly as you can and place them in the ornament.

Step Three: Close the ornament up and hang that bad boy on a tree.

Note: You may have to adjust the size of your ornaments to match the kind of undies you’re gifting. Use common sense — thongs are smaller than boxers.

Fresh Baked Undies

Gift some cupcakes that look good enough to wear. It’s super easy to dress up your undies with a little bit of sweet style, but skip the frosting. Things could get messy. Totally up to you, just saying.

Made with MeUndies Boxer Briefs

What you will need

  • Baking cups
  • Bakery box
  • MeUndies
  • Enough willpower to resist eating things that look like cupcakes

Step One: Grab a box from your local bakery and a packet of cupcake-sized baking cups.

Step Two: Place a pair of undies on a flat surface and fold it in thirds — start by folding the waistband down about halfway, and the leg holes up about halfway. You’ll have a little rectangle and it won’t look pretty. Yet.

Step Three: Roll that baby up like a Little Debbie snack cake. Now eat a Little Debbie snack cake, go on, you earned it.

Step Four: Pull at the undie edges on the top side of the roll. This’ll allow you to make the “cupcake” look bigger or smaller, depending on your tastes. Tuck any loose fabric into the bottom side.

Step Five: Place the roll in a baking cup (vertically) and then put the whole thing into the box.

Note: Slip a real cupcake into the mix if you really want to keep people guessing.

MeUndies To-Go

Offer to pick up some carry out and show up with a few of these to-go boxes. People won’t be disappointed. But they might still be hungry, so order a pizza just in case.

What you will need:

  • Takeout box (probably should be unused, nobody wants chow mein undies)
  • MeUndies
  • Tissue paper
  • Ability to open and close a box

Step One: Beg, borrow, or steal (actually don’t steal, you can pony up and buy one) a couple clean carry out boxes and line them with colored tissue paper. Just take a sheet of the paper, lay it on top of an open box, and push it in gently.

Step Two: Take a pair of undies and fold them in thirds, similarly to the cupcake method described above. Keep it loose so it’ll give the box a “stuffed with undies” look.

Step Three: Place the undies in the box, fold the excess tissue paper over the undies and seal the box.

Note: Want to add a little extra flair? Curl some ribbons and stuff them in the box or plop a bow on top. But don’t feel pressured — you already used tissue paper, what more do people want from you?

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