“Don’t tell me to cover up.” MeUndies at the 2016 Amber Rose SlutWalk

Have you ever been called a Slut? Shocking, huh? Kind of makes you feel bad. That shock and shame are why MeUndies partnered with the 2016 Amber Rose SlutWalk — an event for women’s rights and gender equality, with a focus on slut shaming and victim blaming.

While slut shaming has been around for a while, SlutWalk is pretty new. It started after an incident in 2011, where a police officer basically said women shouldn’t dress like sluts if they don’t want to be victims. It was a gross thing to say, but people started paying attention to victim blaming and slut shaming.

Enter Amber Rose. Muva has had her (un)fair share of slut-shaming — from jobs and relationships, to her body and unapologetic feminism — which is why she does the Los Angeles SlutWalk. She’s not letting it slide that boys can be boys, but girls get called sluts.

The whole day was a total rush. The air buzzed with positivity, individuality, respect, and yeah, skin. SlutWalkers stripped down and showed off, sending a clear message: We get to feel good about ourselves and safe no matter what.

The MeUndies fam crafted custom undies especially for Amber. The undies were inspired by some of the words women get called.

Slut. Thot. Cunt. Whore.

Kind of shocking right? Those words take a second to say, but hurt forever. So we changed “thot” into “thotful” and “whore” into “whore-able,” and put them all over her underwear. It wasn’t to joke about those words, but to make people to think about labels. And hopefully to look at the victims who get stuck wearing them.

We also did a “Feel Good Photo Booth” and made signs that said “Don’t tell me to cover up” or “No Shame in No Pants.” MeUndies loves bodies and we want people to feel good all the time, no matter what they’re wearing.

TBH, we lost some customers because of our participation in the SlutWalk. It was ironically too tough for them to look past a bunch of people parading in next-to-nothing (which is pretty much what we’re all about).

Maybe they’ll come back, maybe they won’t. But we don’t care, because we want people to love themselves and be so comfortable that they can show off safely with no judgment.

See you next year!

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