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2021 Fleta Annual Report

It is our pleasure to share what Fleta has done in 2021.

👉The First Half of the Year 2021

The Partnership with GeoDB

  • On 26th Jan, Fleta signed a partnership with GeoDB, a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem. Fleta will expand its ecosystem through the partnership.

The Partnership with Medical 4th Chain

  • Fleta signed a partnership with Medical 4th Chain(M4th), a blockchain-based medical data platform. On 17th Feb, Fleta supports (M4th)by offering blockchain technology as a partner.

Mainnet Update Completion

  • On 31st Mar, Fleta mainnet was updated and applied Time Slot Based Transaction Control. Also, the Fleta-based token code was updated.

Fleta Rebranding

  • As of 8th Jun, a new smart contract address was issued, and a token swap has proceeded. Furthermore, the Fleta logo, web page, and official social media were re-branded.

PancakeSwap Listing And Fleta Gateway Integration with BSC

  • bFLETA BEP20 token, a BSC-based Fleta token, has been issued since 10th Jan as BSC was integrated with Fleta Gateway. As a result, users can send and receive bFLETA with Fleta Account. Also, bFLETA and CHERRY were listed on Pancakeswap, a BSC-based DEX.

👉 The Second Half of the Year 2021

Dev Portal Launch

  • Fleta’s developer portal was opened on 1st Jul. It is a guideline that helps DApp developers utilize the Fleta chain’s outstanding performance when developing DApps.

Fleta Connect Launch

  • Fleta Connect, a multichain DeFi platform, was launched on 8th Jul. It expands the Fleta ecosystem and provides yield farming services and plans to open DEX, making a convenient DeFi environment for the users.

Fleta Mining Policy Update

  • As of 8th Jul, Fleta Formulator cancellation now takes 2 days, which originally took 15 days.

Fleta Gateway Integration with Polygon

  • On 25th Jul, Fleta Gateway was integrated with the Polygon network. The integration is next to Ethereum, TomoChain, and BSC. Users can send and receive Polygon-based pFLETA via Fleta Account. Also, the Polygon ecosystem can interact with the Fleta ecosystem.

Fleta Mainnet Coin Burned

  • Fleta burned 40,000,000 Fleta mainnet coins, allocated to mining reward for the second year on 30th Jul.

Chainlink’s Smart Contract Summit Participation

  • James Song, Head of Business Development at Fleta, participated in the Smart Contract Summit hosted by Chainlink as a speaker on 5th Aug.

Fleta X IM Community AMA

  • Fleta held an AMA session with IM Community, one of the Top3 Cryptocurrency Communities from Vietnam on 5th Aug. Through this AMA, Fleta had an excellent opportunity to get attention to Vietnamese.

Fleta Connect X HoneyFarm Finance Partnership

  • On 17th Aug, Fleta Connect signed a partnership with HoneyFarm Finance. Through this partnership, the Cherry-BNB and Bee-BNB pair is updated on each DeFi service.

Fleta Connect X Singular Partnership

  • On 31st Aug, Fleta Connect signed a partnership with Singular. The Cherry-BNB and BUSD-SING pairs were updated on each DeFi service through this partnership.

Chainlink Twitter Daily AMA

  • On 14th Sep, Fleta participated in Chainlink Twitter Daily AMA to introduce how Fleta utilizes Chainink’s price feed and shares insights together. Fleta also introduced Fleta Connect’s Polygon Launch to their users.

Fleta Converter Launch

  • On 16th Sep, Fleta launched Fleta Converter. Fleta Converter is a bridge service for freely sending digital assets to other networks, utilizing Fleta’s cross-chain technology, Gateway.

Fleta Connect Integration with Polygon Network

  • On 17th Sep, Fleta Connect integrated with the Polygon Network to provide more options to DeFi users.

✅ Polygon Twitter Space AMA

  • Fleta held an AMA on Polygon Twitter Space to introduce Fleta Converter and the integration between Fleta Connect and Polygon Network on 23rd Sep.

Chainlink Korean Telegram AMA

  • The AMA was to introduce Fleta and Fleta Connect to Chainlink’s Korean Community users. Also, Chainlink held AMA in Fleta Korean Telegram Community to introduce their projects.

Henry Hong appointed CEO

  • Paul Park, CEO of Fleta PTE.LTD. resigned from the CEO position on 1st October 2021 for personal reasons, and Henry Hong remains the sole CEO of Fleta.

Fleta Connect X Yield Parrot AMA

  • Fleta Connect signed a partnership with Yield Parrot, a yield aggregator & optimizer, and held a cross AMA on each telegram community on 6th Oct. Also, both projects opened the cross DeFi pool where users can receive Cherry or Lory as rewards.

The Partnership with D’cent

  • On 19th Oct, Fleta signed a partnership with D’cent. D’cent provides a cryptocurrency wallet service with more than 100k users. Through the partnership, Fleta and D’cent were integrated, and cryptocurrencies in Fleta ecosystem will be added to the D’cent wallet.

Participation in Fall Conference held by Korea Bigdata Society

  • Sendsquare, a foundation of Fleta, participated in the Fall Conference held by the Korea Bigdata Society on 1st Nov. Fleta gave a presentation about the RWD-based Clinical Research Analysis Registry Platform utilizing blockchain.

Fleta Account & Fleta Keystore Launch

  • On 2nd Dec, the names of Fleta Wallet website and Fleta Wallet mobile application were changed to Fleta Account and Fleta Keystore each. Fleta Account users need to have Fleta Keystore to confirm transactions such as withdrawal, creating & canceling Formulators on the Fleta network. This process signifies highere security and safety for the Fleta account, and users manage their own keys with Fleta Keystore.

ISO 27001 Certification Achievement

  • On 3rd Dec, Sendsquare, a foundation that developed Fleta, acquired ISO 27001 certification. Achieving it is decided by assessing 114 controls in 14 groups, including information security policies and organization of information security. Since it has international status, ISO 27001 certification shows that a credible information security management system is set and operated.

The Partnership with

  • Fleta signed a partnership with on 9th Dec. As a result of the partnership, Fleta’s RSS news feed will be integrated with’s Fleta Price Page.

Digifinex FLETA/USDT Pair

  • On 13th Dec, the original Fleta/BTC trading pair of Digifinex was closed, and Fleta/USDT trading pair was opened.

Fleta KeyStore iOS version

  • On 20th Dec, the Fleta Keystore iOS version was opened. iPhone users can download the application to sign their transactions of their Fleta Account.

The Partnership with Blockster

  • On 21st Dec, Fleta signed a partnership with Blockster, all-in-one content platform for crypto. As partners, Fleta and Blockster will start co-marketing. Also, Fleta Business and Fleta token information page will be opened that will share Fleta’s latest news and announcements.

Fleta mining ecosystem updates

  • On 24th Dec, Validator & Delegation service was closed. The new mining policy was due to the Fleta Mainnet 2.0 updates and aims to distribute the high mining reward of Validator Nodes to the general Formulators.

Fleta Connect’s Klaytn Integration and UI/UX Update

  • On 31st Dec, Fleta Connect’s UI/UX has been updated and it was integrated with the Klaytn network.

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It’s already the last day of 2021.

We listed what we have done this year so that you can check the outcomes of Fleta this year at once.

In 2021, Fleta opened Fleta Connect, a multichain DeFi service, and 2021 was also a year when Fleta Converter was launched and linked the Fleta ecosystem with various mainnets.

In the first quarter of 2022, we will focus on preparing updates of Fleta Mainnet 2.0, Fleta Explorer 2.0, and Fleta Account 2.0, further expanding the Fleta ecosystem. The detailed roadmap will be shared through the Fleta community and Xangle soon.

We appreciate our community members for supporting Fleta in 2021, and we will try to show remarkable improvement in the year ahead.

Happy New Year!



FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to offer infrastructure that can be applied to real-world business models. FLETA has its own core blockchain technologies like Level Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, Independent multi-chain Structure, Block Redesign, and PoF(Proof-of-Formulation) which is its own consensus algorithm. With them, it aims to solve the problems that existing platforms have such as slow speeds, scalability limitations and excessive fees, and provide a flexible development environment. Moreover, its Gateway technology improved its interoperability by allowing projects issuing their tokens through other mainnets to maintain their mainnets while using the FLETA chain. Fleta currently offers various blockchain-based services, such as Fleta Connect, a multichain DeFi service, and Fleta Converter, a cross-chain bridge.


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