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E-Sports, Blockchain, And DApps — Part. 1

Although the older generation is against it and cannot accept it, e-sport is growing with a swift acceleration. People are still debating whether e-sports is a sport. But e-sport has already shown that it has the potential to outdo even sports.

South Korea is well known for its e-sports game market

Because now we live in the age of technology, many elements in our lives have been digitized, even money. In this highly developed world, sports may not be expected to be digitized. But e-sports has its own history; the first digital game goes back 50 years, and millions of people all over the world are playing these games. Many countries, corporations, and sports teams are investing in e-sports; e-sports players work out all day long in the sports facilities created for them. Not only the players, but the chef, content producer, manager, club owner, thousands of people work in the team. It is no different from actual sports teams we imagine, like soccer teams and baseball teams.

In the table below, the point where e-sports are coming, and the future may look much better

Source: Newzoo

It is foreseen that in 5 years from 2015 to 2020, e-sports revenues will increase by ten times, and the number of audiences will increase by three times.

Moreover, in the table below, we have much more robust data: The prize for the World Cup of Fortnite, the e-sports game, has more prize pools than other prestigious sports competitions such as Wimbledon and Tour de France. These figures show how popular e-sports are and will be much more impressive in the future and these prize rates and the number of games will increase exponentially. Therefore, the world’s leading sports teams will continue to invest in e-sport. While digital games are scorching the world, the e-sports market will expand continuously and become unstoppable.

Source: statista

It is an inevitable end for everyone to destroy the traditional methods behind digital money in their digital games. So today, investing in e-sports and digital money would be a brilliant investment.

Blockchain And DApps

The combination of Blockchain technology and games can give impressive results. This is because the blockchain has a remarkable impact on the emergence and maintenance of DApps. The ability of blockchain to show cloud service is used in DApp architecture, and it makes blockchain much more special for DApps. That’s why blockchain and DApps are in a close relationship.

Particularly, thanks to the ability to store game data in the blockchain, the presence of smart contracts, and the science of cryptography, online games are perfectly matched to the blockchain ecosystem.

Therefore, blockchain games can be popular and will gain more and more attention; when a mega-hit blockchain game is made, it can form its own league and sports team like many other digital games.

Likewise, blockchain technology has great features and more and more DApps are emerging. Here are a few statistics about DApps:

Especially in the Ethereum network, there are close to three thousand DApps, daily users, and transactions, and DApps are continually increasing.

These DApps can be in Finance, Wallet, Gaming, Gambling, Social Media, Security, Exchange, and many more. It is easy to use, and its data can be stored in the blockchain. Because of these merits, people’s interest in DApps is increasing day by day.

Here is a graph of the increase in DApps since April:

In the next article, we will keep discussing some of the blockchain platforms and their DApps. Let’s find out how blockchain platforms, including FLETA, are dealing with this situation.



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