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E-Sports, Blockchain, And DApps — Part. 2

In part 1. of the article, we introduced the growth of e-sports and the DApp market and their potentials. In this article, part 2, we will explain how some blockchain platforms deals with these industries and what do they need to operate blockchain game DApps.


Ehtereum is a well-known blockchain platform with famous blockchain games such as CryptoKitties. While Ethereum created the forefront of blockchain technology games through CryptoKitties, it also showed that scalability was a factor against the growth boom of decentralized applications in general, and especially video games. CryptoKitties once was very popular, so it generated a large number of transactions. However, Ethereum’s blockchain was not ready enough to take this load. Because of the increasing demand for the kitties, the number of unconfirmed transaction on the blockchain increased exponentially, and because of the overloaded chain, users experienced inconvenience. Moreover, the gas price they pay was skyrocketed.

Ethereum measurability issues have been struggling for gaming technology, especially for video games.


There’s an endless war fought for the attention of blockchain developers. Projects like Ethereum and EOS all push their different visions of the tech, often with attempts to define success by how many DApps each network supports, and how big their user bases are.

Well, over the past few months, cryptocurrency gamblers have left Ethereum’s gambling DApps en masse, with data showing they’re now betting on casino DApps hosted by rival blockchains and EOS Network hack news.

Besides, serious questions have arisen regarding the security of the EOS network with the incident.

A million-dollar EOS gambling DApp suffered a major blow, just days after declaring itself to be the safest of its kind. Hackers have taken 40,000 EOS ($200,000) from the operating wallet of EOSBet by exploiting vulnerabilities in its smart contracts.

So what is the best platform for DApps? Although there are thousands of DApps on the Ethereum network, there are severe doubts that the Ethereum network is sustainable.

Therefore, it can also be said that security is another feature that is needed to operate blockchain game DApps.

FLETA — A New Decentralized Blockchain World For DApps

FLETA’s primary mission is to create a platform that allows the development of DApps most simply and optimally. FLETA’s use of innovative advanced technology will bring the platform enhanced efficiency as well as independence for DApp developers. Additionally, FLETA can provide infinite scalability while increasing transaction speed and lowering development costs. DApps on the FLETA’s network are independent and benefit from much freedom.

FLETA’s DApps will have the ability to issue their own tokens on an independent token chain, also called a sub-chain. The developers have full control over their DApps as well as the tokens created and can easily customize the mining rewards, the consensus protocol, and others without the need for a fork or any kind of update that would disrupt the network.

Scalability is undoubtedly one of the most important features when it comes to a DApp. Many systems have been invented to deal with the scalability issues, FLETA uses a system where each DApp subchain operates its own chain, it’s independent of the mainchain and can scale infinitely. Each one of these independent chains has its Formulators and Observer nodes.

In the case of FLETA, it utilizes its advanced technologies to solve the problem; multi-chain structure, parallel sharding, block redesign, and LEVEL Tree Validation are FLETA’s technologies that can be solutions of scalability issue. Those technologies help an unlimited number of DApps be operated on FLETA chain with a fast speed maximum of 14, 000 TPS. This high speed is FLETA’s merit when operating blockchain game DApps on its chain.

With its advanced technology, FLETA also claims to release a new casino and puzzle game soon. FLETA regards the blockchain game market has great potential and focuses on showing our presence on the scene.



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