EVM is now ready in MEVerse Testnet

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2 min readDec 29, 2022


We are delighted to announce that MEVerse developed and released the ‘Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM),’ a virtual machine that runs on Ethereum-based programming language(Solidity) on the MEVerse Testnet.

There are various programming languages to develop a software platform, such as C, C++, Java, GO, Python, Solidity, etc., just like humans have diverse languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, etc.

Ethereum, which takes a large portion of the demand and supply of the blockchain industry, consists of a programming language called ‘Solidity,’ However, MEVerse mainnet uses a programming language called ‘GO,’ an open-source language supported by Google.

Many blockchain developers create decentralized applications for the EVM stack that can run on Ethereum and on blockchains that have implemented EVM compatibility by using the Solidity programming language. And this point allows developers to make DApps, tokens, and other various blockchain services on multiple blockchains.

Many blockchain mainnets exist, but developers can not friendly utilize other mainnets since most of the current blockchain projects and blockchain services are based on the Solidity language. As a result, interoperability between Solidity and different software programming language is the key point for solving the blockchain development industry.

The testnet launch of EVM compatibility on MEVerse is designed for developers to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain and test out our EVM to create decentralized applications that any contents they wish to scratch out.

Once developers continuously test out EVM applications on MEVerse testnet and test their performance, MEVerse’s reliability and efficiency of the development process in our mainnet will be sustainably improved.

The final EVM will be launched in January 2023; before that, we aim for numerous developers to create DApps or any other content on our testnet. Now, the MEVerse Dev documentation and SDK resources are released as well! And the tools, including Truffle, Hardhat, and MetaMask, will function with the EVM-compatible on MEVerse Testnet.

If you are interested in migrating your blockchain project or scratching the new EVM applications, you can try on MEVerse. We will be even happy to hear any bug reports as well.

Take a view of our dev documentation for details, and let us know if you have any questions regarding it.

✅ MEVerse Dev Docs: https://meversedex.gitbook.io/meverse-dev-docs/


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