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Fleta Account & Fleta Keystore Are Now Available

Fleta opened Fleta Keystore, a mobile application for a high level of security. Users are now in charge of managing their own Keys with it. The former Fleta Wallet application will be replaced by Fleta Keystore, and Fleta Wallet Web will be renamed Fleta Account.

Moreover, users can confirm transactions such as withdrawal, delegation, and creating & canceling Formulators on the Fleta network with Fleta Account and Fleta Keystore. Those transactions will not proceed without the users’ signatures.

Fleta is a blockchain mainnet with a fast speed of 7,000TPS and unlimited scalability. Gateway, a cross-chain technology that connects different networks, is also utilized in it. Fleta mainnet 2.0 update is coming up that will bring changes such as Formulator NFT, Validator node reorganization, DApp token onboarding.

We expect various DApps would operate on the Fleta mainnet and expand our ecosystem when Fleta mainnet 2.0 starts. We will keep working to offer blockchain services that users can trust.

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Feel free to join and connect with us through our official channels below:


Fleta Store:







Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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Optimum Blockchain Metaverse Entertainment Platform

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