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FLETA and ISTARDUST Signed a Contract to Develop a Blockchain Mainnet

FLETA signed a contract with ISTARDUST, a blockchain-based composite platform that connects influencers, subscribers, and businesses worldwide. As a business incubator of ISTARDUST, FLETA will develop a mainnet of ISTARDUST and support it by providing our know-how.

ISTARDUST is a platform for influencers; it enables everyone in the world to become an influencer and create a fair distribution of revenue through utilizing the blockchain technology.

As the social network service market increased gradually, ordinary people began producing their own content and lead the trend. They are called influencers, and some of them became as famous as other celebrities. However, even though the influencer market is growing rapidly, only a few influencers are getting more and more attention. For more growth and development of the market, such a centralized structure should be changed, and more diverse content and influencers are necessary. To straighten out these issues, ISTARDUST aims to give its influencers more opportunities, and it created an ecosystem that anyone can create content and work as an influencer. ISTARDUST connects the influencer industry with other businesses to generate more revenue that is fairly distributed by blockchain technology.

It also supports their content creation, which in turn, activates the influencer market. Using ISTARDUST’s platform, users can share their talents in music, art, fashion, IT, writing, and ideas by creating their content. The lack of budget for content production can be resolved by sponsorship, and it provides a mentor-mentee system to solve a lack of expertise. Furthermore, creators can collaborate with ease within the platform, and ISTARDUST offers translation services for creators working internationally.

The completed content can be shared within the ISTARDUST platform and also on other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter to gain additional revenue and promotional effects. Additionally, the platform secures copyright of the contents and prevents the forgery by utilizing blockchain technology. As a result, the platform helps influencers promote their content more effectively.

In the ISTARDUST ecosystem, influencers can use ISTARDUST token to buy the contents of other influencers and donate to other influencers’ projects. ISTARDUST is willing to expand its ecosystem; it aims to be a global influencer platform, starting with 800 million users of TREASURE HUNTER, a media company based in Seoul, and its partner companies.

Through this contract between FLETA and ISTARDUST, FLETA will provide its blockchain technology to build ISTARDUST mainnet on the FLETA platform. Additionally, we will provide consulting services about their overall blockchain business, including marketing and promotion.

It is our pleasure to announce this great news that FLETA’s advanced technology can be utilized even in the influencer market. We will keep cooperating with other companies and support their technical development so that blockchain technology can be used in diverse areas of our daily lives.

Thank you.


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