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FLETA — Global Outreach

FLETA has worked tirelessly over the last year to create a global presence. In this article, we are going to give you an overview of the efforts we have taken to be a truly global company.

FLETA in Japan

FLETA has had a fruitful relationship with Japan so far:

  • A Japanese Marketing firm named “Mashtake” expressed significant interest in FLETA’s technology. Mashtake later said that they would connect promising Japanese blockchain projects to FLETA’s DApp ecosystem.
  • FLETA took part in the Japan X China Blockchain Exchange meetup and gave presentations on its technology and vision. They had a panel discussion with panel discussions with Japan’s key ministers and China’s blockchain experts and drew enthusiastic responses from the audience.
  • Analysts from Accenture expressed keen interest in the PoF (Proof-of-Formulation) consensus model and independent muti-chain structure.
  • FLETA signed an MOU with Ethereum based project CRYPTONINJA. CRYPTONINJA agreed to be part of FLETA’s DApp ecosystem through which it can solve price issues that arise during the gaming process and activate flexible smart-contract.
  • Coin Tokyo, a renowned Japanese blockchain media company, also entered into a strategic partnership with FLETA. Two of the co-founders of Coin Tokyo, Akira Munekiyo and Yabo Cui, joined the FLETA team as advisors.

FLETA in Malta

FLETA has made multiple business tours to Malta and achieved excellent results. Here is what FLETA has achieved in Malta so far:

  • FLETA became an official partner in Asia of the Malta Blockchain Summit, and the first South Korean firm to a establish corporation Malta.
  • Received positive response to build a strong network in the Maltese blockchain ecosystem.
  • FLETA met the co-founder of “Caledo,” Dr. Abdalla Kablan, as well as the co-founder Dr. Ian Gauci. Dr. Abdalla is a senior technology advisor to the Maltese government. FLETA also received lots of legal advice from Dr. Ian Gauci and built a strong network with them. FLETA and Caledo signed a strategic partnership at their next visit.

FLETA in China and Hong Kong

FLETA’s foray into China and Hong Kong are as follows:

  • Chairman Thomas Luk, of the Chinese mining, crypto fund team CloudCoin, also showed a lot of interest in FLETA’s technology.
  • FLETA and blockchain investment and consultation company C Block Capital signed an MOU. C Block Capital is a Hong Kong-based blockchain investment and consulting company.

FLETA in Thailand

  • FLETA attended the Beyond Blocks Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. FLETA was, in fact, a principal sponsor of the summit.
  • The summit was attended by many Venture Capital Firms, DApp Developers, and Law Firms to name a few.
  • FLETA and application security provider Entersoft signed an MOU together during the summit. The MOU with Entersoft will enable FLETA to take their security to another level. Entersoft is an Australian application security provider company founded in part by former military intelligence cybersecurity experts.
  • FLETA and AARON System, a blockchain-based financial platform, finalized a mutual business development agreement on Oct 5th, 2018.

FLETA in Switzerland

  • FLETA met with Swisscom’s Blockchain operation division in Zurich. Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest communication company. Swisscom agreed to aid FLETA’s expansion into Europe.
  • FLETA visited Switzerland’s Blockchain Herb Center “Trust Square,” and it was decided that they are going to be a cornerstone in FLETA’s further expansion in Europe.
  • FLETA took part in the 4th edition of START Hack which has been described as the “most entrepreneurial” Hackathon in Europe. FLETA was one of the main case partners alongside Microsoft, Volvo, and Bosch.

FLETA in Singapore

  • FLETA participated in Consensus, the world’s largest blockchain event.
  • FLETA met many leaders of blockchain industry like ChangPeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the world’s largest exchange.
  • FLETA also met with Bitgosu Team of South Korea, including influencer Spunky, and discussed many tips and discussions for FLETA expanding internationally. Spunky said he wanted FLETA to be a blockchain project that represents Korea and would support it.
  • FLETA met Buddy, the Poland-based company named one of Forbes’ top 10 blockchain companies to watch, in Singapore and discussed a future partnership.


  • FLETA co-hosted The UB UNCHAINED Conference in Mongolia with the Mongolia-based digital asset exchange platform Bit Mon Ex, the global exchange with one of the largest trading volumes in the United States Bittrex, The Business Council of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association.
  • FLETA and the Mongolia-based digital asset exchange platform Bit Mon Ex signed an MOU.


  • FLETA entered into a partnership with the decentralized development automation platform, Buddy.




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