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FLETA in DELTA Summit ④ — How was FLETA? part. 2

DELTA Summit has worked as major blockchain event of Malta that is a hub for companies that are eager to communicate and cooperate with others working in the field as well as individuals who have an interest in the technology and its opportunities.

According to the official site of DELTA Summit, the 2019 version of DELTA Summit aimed to create an even greater global debate on the subject and to further expose the efforts of the Maltese government in establishing Malta as ‘blockchain island’. Especially in this DELTA Summit, ‘Playcon’, Malta’s first Game Development and Esports Expo, was included.

Malta has a clear goal in the field, becoming a central hub in the Mediterranean and in Europe for video game development and esports. Currently, the video game industry has become larger than the film and music industry combined.

DELTA Summit 2019 was held in MFCC(Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre), Malta’s largest international conference and exhibition venue.

On the early morning of 3rd October, Team FLETA woke up early and prepared for booth operation; after having some time preparing for the event, we headed to MFCC. There, we operated FLETA booth from 9 am to 6 pm. We were very excited since, in DELTA Summit 2019, many companies including OKEX, MDIA, and MGA participated in the event and it was a great opportunity to communicate with them.

Team FLETA talking with a member of MGA, Malta Gaming Authority

The next day was the last day of DELTA Summit; it was started with a concert playing beautiful music and Team FLETA continued to operate its booth until 6 p.m.

During the two days of booth operation, many people showed their huge interest in FLETA. Not only people in the blockchain area but also students, developers and people of many other fields visited FLETA’s booth and asked many questions about FLETA project. Also, James Song, Head of Marketing Strategy at FLETA had an interview with one of the visitors, Mr. Bob Hopium.

People visited FLETA’s booth and listened carefully about FLETA project.
Stickers, phone finger grip, and leaflet designed by FLETA’s design team. People liked them a lot at DELTA Summit!

Especially, FLETA’s use cases aroused a lot of attention. One of them is FLETA’s ePRO system, medical data management system, through which users can keep exact medical report so that cannot be re-written or adjusted by others. With the accurate data on ePRO system, medical accidents can be prevented and it will be more efficient to deal with medico-legal issues. In turn, the unnecessary cost of health care can be reduced and people’s health will be enhanced. The use case is supported by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency of the South Korea government.

Moreover, In DELTA Summit 2019, many people who are interested in games participated and intrigued by FLETA’s blockchain games.

Ethan Chae, CEO of Heart Number

FLETA also operated booth with Ethan Chae, CEO of Heart Number, FLETA’s partner company. Heart Number is a trading platform that provides distributed prediction information using artificial intelligence (AI) and offers automatic ordering for users of its application.

According to the contract between FLETA and Heart Number, FLETA provides its technology to Heart Number so that it can complete its own mainnet, wallet and mining ecosystem; Heart Number will also adopt PoF consensus algorithm developed by FLETA.

You can read an article about the partnership here.

Especially on the first day of DELTA Summit, James showed FLETA’s presence at DELTA Summit. At 12:30, he gave a presentation about FLETA’s use cases on the thunder stage of the event. He explained FLETA project and its use cases to the audience.

After the presentation, we had a small event! We let the audience play FLETA’s casino game, FLETA slots and gave winners traditional Korean snacks we brought from Korea. Many people enjoyed FLETA’s casino game.

Traditional Korean snacks Team FLETA had prepared.

Moreover, at 17:00, James participated in a panel session. On behalf of FLETA, he shared his opinion about the topic, <Systems of trade and stores of value. What is the future of value generation?>. It was a great experience that FLETA can show its presence on the field on behalf of Asian mainnet projects.

James on the stage with other panels

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather in Malta for a week. However more than that, we could also realize the bright future and potential of the blockchain industry in the ‘blockchain island’. We hope Malta to be a bridge that links the blockchain industry of Asia and Europe and Team FLETA wants to visit Malta again for more blockchain events!


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