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FLETA’s Online AMA Highlights

FLETA conducted a 7-day online AMA question and answer activity in the chain node community. We were heartened to receive 9000+ views and 206 questions from the participants! This reflects the strength of the FLETA community and strong public interest in our project. We have looked through every single question and have consolidated them in the list below:

1. What are FLETA’s plans in terms of long-term development? How to convince users that FLETA is a long-term, high-quality project?

As always, FLETA is constantly improving the quality of our blockchain platform and other relating products. Our efforts are being recognized by Korean government agencies which have partnered us to carry out blockchain-related projects. In terms of the future, FLETA has provided incubation support for more than 10 blockchain projects, assisting them in both technological and marketing related activities. All these achievements and partnerships cannot be possible without a strong blockchain reputation and community in South Korea.

2. What are the unique features of the FLETA blockchain?

FLETA has 6 exclusive technologies. They are Independent Multi-Chain Structure, PoF, Block Redesign, LEVEL Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, and Gateway System. These technologies allow FLETA mainnet to maintain the characteristics of faster processing speed, low handling fees, and unlimited scalability.

By providing technical support to Korean local projects, we are currently building real DApps for various industry use cases. In terms of link-ups, we have good relationships with the government and are constantly partnering South Korean agencies for blockchain projects.

FLETA’s philosophy is to increase blockchain use cases and deployment and eventually provide solutions for real-world problems.

3. What is the progress of FLETA’s global promotion plan? Where are most of the current users? What is the strategic layout of Fleta in the Chinese market?

FLETA started out as a South Korean project. Thus, our logical expansion plans are to target the local community and technology development in South Korea. We have achieved many things. Most remarkably are the government and global partnerships over the past year.

In terms of exchanges, we are listed on Korean-centric ones such as Bithumb and Coinone, western-market exchanges such as Bittrex and Asian audience exchanges like DigiFinex. Given our roots, our communities are largely Koreans, although we have an active English community. We will be expending our resources towards the Chinese market, first to create awareness, to build partnerships and eventually adoption.

4. I see that Fleta and TomoChain have a technical agreement. How do participants benefit from TOMO’s ecology? How does this partnership complement each blockchain?

FLETA’s cooperation with TomoChain is based on the Gateway technology. The FLETA gateway system allows users and projects to experience smooth transitions between different blockchain networks.

In this agreement, FLETA issued TomoChain-based FLETA tokens, and FLETA users can participate in TomoChian’s ecosystem after their ecosystems are connected through FLETA Gateway System. Through this Gateway technology, FLETA can link up with more projects and create unlimited scalability, interoperability, and blockchain adoption with networks and insights from international markets.

5. What is the focus of FLETA’s work in the next year or two? Is there anything worth to expect?

The team has been committed to the implementation of blockchain technology and has cooperated with Korean government agencies on blockchain projects since last year. We are currently at the preparation stage for our third government blockchain project. We are proud to announce that our mainnet launched since last year has successfully remained stable and consistent. It has attracted many local projects in South Korea to use FLETA’s mainnet technology. This year, we will shift our focus towards expanding the global market (especially China) and continue our work towards blockchain adoption.

6. Does FLETA have any completed applications? Will it adopt any oracle technology?

FLETA has its own PoF consensus algorithm, Wallet Street platform, and use cases, including the blockchain-based eCRF System. Also, by providing technical support to traditional industries and other Korean projects, we further expand our DApp and ecosystem to facilitate more use cases. Regarding oracle technology, we have reached technical cooperation with Chainlink and will use their oracle solution on our platform.

7. What is the parallel sharding innovation of FLETA?

In FLETA’s new sharding model, each shard operates independently as if it is a single mainchain to actualize the real sharding technology. The mainchain consists of and maintains various shard chains, and each chain operates independently in a parallel structure, which means that double spending is not feasible in this design. This, in turn, provides an unmatched transaction speed, making all token and coin transactions fast and efficient.

8. What are the advantages of independent multi-chain model FLETA adopted?

Most of existing coins consist of a single mainchain, maintain mainnet. In this case, all transactions are mutually referenced, which requires all the data in order to verify the validity of each transaction.

FLETA’s multichain structure, however, allows each DApp to have its own independent chain, with separated observer node and Formulator to operate the chain independently. Also, the DApp’s token is used instead of FLETA Coin in creating Formulator, which concurrently signifies full independence.


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