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Introducing Shardy, FLETA’s Mascot!

Have you ever heard of Shardy? Even though you have not known its name, you might have seen it if you are interested in FLETA.

Shardy is FLETA’s character and it works hard for FLETA!

For example, Shardy is in our web-comic series which explains FLETA’s Formulator system! Also, it appears in FLETA’s various images when we need its help!

Shardy explains about FLETA’s Formulator with its charm.
Shardy on FLETA Reddit page

FLETA also supports the telegram sticker of Shardy so that the community members can express their feelings.

Shardy has its own story; Shardy and its friends were created when lightning struck servers. They are ‘full-’ of energy since they are born with the energy of lightning. However, they don’t like to be called ‘full’ because they heard the expression too much!

Shardy will soon be a year old. Its height is about 30cm and its body is about 22cm long. Its arms dangle when it runs fast. Shardy is very soft; you can feel it when you poke it!

Shardy plans to work more actively afterward, so please pay attention to our mascot, Shardy!


We prepared a short interview with a creator of Shardy. She is FLETA’s professional designer and in charge of the whole design part of Shardy.

Q: How did you first come up with the idea of Shardy?

A: While working graphic design of the white paper, I suddenly thought it would be better if a server looked cuter. I drew a server with eyes and a mouth for fun back then. It had fiery eyes and more angulated looks.

It actually did not have a certain usage at first, but Shardy first appeared on the FLETA web site during the site’s renewal.

As you can see, the image of the original Shardy doing construction work was on the site. After that, Shardy became more round and chubby:D

Shardy now looks like this!

Q: Where did you get motif of its design?

A: Shardy was originally a cute and chubby version of a server.

Q: How it was named as ‘Shardy’?

A:Among terms in FLETA’s white paper, such as node, sharding, and mining, I named my character after ‘sharding’ because it sounded cutest. At first, it was just a temporary name, but it was soon settled as ‘Shardy’.

Q: Tell us more about Shardy!

A: There is a lot of data in Shardy! (It was originally a server, you know), but Shardy has more interest in the outside world! It likes to see and feel the world by itself. Also, when it feels intensive emotion, its hardware slots pop up!

Its hobby is collecting information and it is good at processing data!

It likes to travel very much, so Shardy travels all over the world!

Q: Does Shady have other family members and friends?

A: Of course! Shardy has lots of siblings who are also its friends. You know, Shardy is part of ‘Parallel Sharding’! (laughter)

Check our web-comics if you want to see many other Shardy members.

Q: What exactly is Shardy? An alien? A fairy?

A: Please regard it as a fairy of blockchain that will bring you to a world of blockchain with a speed of 20,000 TPS.

Q: Can we have background images of Shardy?

A: It will be ready soon!


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