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📣King of Planets NFT Whitelist Announcement

We are pleased to announce the NFT whitelist of King of Planets(KOP), a Klaytn-based P2E game. KOP was launched by Handy Project, and its game HandyPick will soon be onboarded to MEVerse.

We appreciate your application, and here is the list of Kaikas wallet addresses that will mint the NFT.

- 0x045E49b86444133B5641E085653D290477eDA7a9

- 0xa066fEC0aAc3E8312B146cd043E773e4f5E27B49

- 0x9C90DF4aC9AF91Af03327844Cda9246D31087cA3

- 0xF8Bb2c6A37ad3f1F4D5c03e74086fE9E2451E126

- 0xdbae9429D52086fc8C1f5c7E4DcAd5FE39e24c1b

- 0x41d282F9182BF20a256e3C41c545AEE31FCD1119

- 0x8c6a5e6834a2666cb6e12Fa8534fBa27fCdD76f4

- 0x3f474180A6eb93696A147AAAf8fB4D1E70C6145D

- 0x57A0e65b6353f53486135120341524efC79219A4

- 0x0f63B07D6860E56711831d8e45D75D5a5ea87c43

- 0x99998c0a4d30289A769C2dd5f3a1a738416ee584

- 0x1f6ee2e4cc39615bb3e125f99f248ac59c85fbbd

- 0x4DF76adA85652a5b2c8b60d5cFA8563Fb281f09b

- 0xDE8456B3FAD5F3B707A8dA9a4d49AcA39b64E6a2

- 0xA1D56eB30Ef3d3d7F84BbA0BEe2BA3Ac7B2D32eb

- 0x14B3E40B190FDE72471D9bbdb0791857ecc66BE6

- 0x193e7622617e62Fe68301814B66781c763729EfD

- 0x2e57BD88f36B8E26671c221f24858CA893157378

- 0xf371Ee6799c4F2a3dDF85b489Af2144c5B36317D

- 0xc3f14fb548f11d0bcffbb580d05298cb9d69f8fd

- 0x286B617936902F1F9ac1071340679F3ca7AA62A3

- 0xD2A603bd33720f97DCa0ae5ba660f95Ff34aC653

- 0x334D0970040044cFFA8ACdB95f5401B29C2D44D5

- 0xB060e797984E5aBc2caB4c16aA331E1A45609607

- 0x1aE193eE3Fd9b23E415F7FA36c1A7E4C605a2CCA

- 0x5452A359223c982f6B0CdEd2982497bfc77D007b

- 0x889861BB01936e2e27909d72676514643E488447

- 0x29Ab4BCD2Af09204888D463C9901E2A1151583DD

- 0xE7F0F6154C891E417b5c47DaE1d2Bf5887113b28

- 0x86c540b0870666aa66Ba6d6f55da64C13a0b2e6c

- 0x07f542552a4B170dfD13e826597466Ef94a7C385

- 0x2b33966e272CFC7c8AEE2d3bbB2e9B7F2937A57f

- 0x041bf84f68702Dd53FC65EF278179Ea55bf0F90b

- 0x4C1e9E93AA802978d9c66Ec3FEe080C16056EC6a

- 0x312e0E5BCCD68769d58870076dB27Df5CC496f66

- 0x2F6483A45ea11f186efAd7BEBe90c5985A31408F

- 0xb286CC102ca6d4fb26501053079573facD66614b

- 0xDcb448994874654c255cD6dd5C02F5A11c11936A

- 0x2336960cAC59d90791A5FB616949163aC619aB63

- 0xD7CA28366adf234Ff0Ec2211aa107aa3671507Be

- 0x889a3336c57706169b13f08512c4DE45E517F088

- 0x34C801AC4C45e624C029Cd730FEB2BaF2041adEB

- 0x05501d30004fB5e08348323fDE8a5614123eb5bf

- 0xeE181A26dc1Fc533D7Ccb5f0B9A0B49d5ec73826

- 0xdEF22DEa9bBadc1784773aa515F403BC9BA4C957


  • Mar. 11th 2022(Fri) 21:00(KST)
  • 1 ALIEN NFT is available.
  • 1,000 NFTs are allocated for the whitelist and requires 200 KLAY for minting.

If you have any inquiries, please contact KOP official Discord.

Enjoy KOP with your ALIEN!👾


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