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Listing Announcement: TomoDEX

We are pleased to announce that FLETA will be listed on TomoDEX, a decentralized exchange powered by TomoChain. You can now trade FLETA TRC-21 tokens on TomoDEX.

The ecosystems of FLETA and TomoChain are connected through FLETA’s Gateway. Since both chains are now integrated, TomoChain-based TRC-21 FLETA tokens can be transferred from your FLETA Wallet to the TomoChain network.

The listing will expose FLETA to the users of TomoDEX, and FLETA tokens will be more widely used via both chains. The FLETA ecosystem will expand thanks to the Gateway System, and more connections with other blockchain mainnets are also expected.

FLETA will keep working hard to expand our ecosystem globally.

Thank you!


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:






How to connect to Tomochain Mainnet? 👇👇



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